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Nightshade by Michelle Rowen
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I rated Nightshade 4 of 5 stars. This book begins with a normal girl with a normal life as a temp in an office in San Diego. Suddenly, Jill’s life is drastically changed. Jill, caught between a scientist and a killer, is injected with poison and subsequently kidnapped by said killer. Jill realizes that the stone-cold killer is her best option for getting rid of the poison, and discovers that there is more to the world than she ever knew. Vampires exist, and her stone-cold killer, Declan, is half vampire. As time passes, Jill begins to understand and feel for Declan, and when he isn’t in stone-cold killer mode, Declan can be magnetizing, protective, and attractive. Because of the poison in Jill’s veins, Jill becomes essential to both vampires and those who would kill the vampires. She is right in the middle of the fight, and much is expected of her. However, as Jill discovers, things are not always as they seem. Sometimes the ones who are supposed to be good are really bad, and those who are bad are really not so bad.
Nightshade offered it’s own take on the vampire story. Jill is a normal girl, in a normal world, with a normal life. She has no special training or skills, so she is very easy to relate to. There are times when it felt as though she was a bit gullible or naive, believing whatever was told to her. However, she seemed to deal with situations pretty well, and adjusted accordingly. I came to like her character, and I’m quite curious to see what happens to her.
As for Declan, well, I have to admit that I feel sorry for the guy. He was trained and raised to deny his baser instincts as well as emotions. He lives to kill, and to be scarred, until Jill comes along and challenges his way of thinking and his entire life.
I thought the vampires in Nightshade were quite interesting, from the monstrous dhampirs to the bloody vampire politics. I really like the vampire king, Matthias. He is not what I expected, and I believe he will continue on in the series.
Nightshade is one of the books that blends urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and blends it well. There is chemistry between Jill and Declan, and at times Matthias. Nightshade captured my interest and offered up intriguing characters, I am anxiously awaiting book 2, Bloodlust.
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