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Abducted by T.R. Ragan
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Jan 05, 2016

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** Abducted

Book Description
Elizabeth Gardner (Lizzy) is seventeen-years old when she tells her parents she's going out with her girlfriends. Instead, she meets up with her boyfriend, Jared Shayne. As she walks home beneath an inky black sky, her perfect night becomes her worst nightmare.

Fourteen years later, Lizzy is a licensed PI known as the 'one who got away'. When she's not searching for runaway teenagers, working on insurance scams, or talking to her therapist, she's at the local high school teaching young girls to defend themselves. But her world is turned upside down for the second time after she receives a call from Jared Shayne. He's an FBI special agent now and he needs her help. Lizzy has no plans to get involved. Not until Jared tells her the kidnapper left her a personalized note.

My Review
I have to say this book freaked me out a bit! But if a book can freak me out, then it's a really good book! Lizzie was abducted as a teenager after lying to her parents and sneaking off to meet her boyfriend. She was able to convince the serial killer that she was a "good girl" and then was able to escape when he gave her some leeway. She was the one that got away. This event haunted Lizzie throughout her life but she thought her nightmare was over... until he returned. Angry that someone else had taken credit for his "work," the killer returned and made Lizzie his target. He was very creative in doing this and made Lizzie's life a living nightmare. Jared was Lizzie's boyfriend at the time of the abduction and never forgave himself for dropping her off so far away from home. Now he's back as an agent investigating the latest abductions and killings. When he and Lizzie are thrown together, he vows to himself to protect her. As they get closer to the killer, Lizzie's whole world starts to fall apart. Great story, great characterizations! I loved the flow because it didn't give you time to wonder what was going to happen next. The climax was amazing and perfect for the story. I look forward to reading more in this series.

From a Christian Perspective
I love thrillers and I'm not naive enough to think that they will have what I perceive as Christian elements. This book was a case like that. There were situations that I would not engage in myself, but understand why the author wrote the story that way. With that said, the hopelessness was overwhelming. It made me thankful to know that I have a Savior who can rescue me from ANYTHING (Psalm 140:1-2)! I wish these girls could have had some of that hope. I don't think it would make the pain and suffering any less, but knowing that you will rest in the arms of Christ might provide the strength? What do you think?

This was a book from my personal Kindle collection. All opinions expressed are my own.

Love and Blessings!

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