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Blood in Her Veins by Faith Hunter
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Rather than write a long, blathering, rambling review of all the stories contained in this anthology, I'll just keep it condensed and therefore, more coherent :)

To date, I've read one Jane Yellowrock novel. Just one. Skinwalker, to be exact. The very first. In this collection of shorts from the world of Jane Yellowrock, there are 19 stories spanning the time period of the series and with knowing that prior to reading, I was set. Set to both be lost because I've only read the first, and set to spoil myself for future events in the later books because, again, I'm not far into the series. I can happily say that I wasn't lost or spoiled and with the later stories, the only thing that happened was my excitement ratcheted up a few notches to finally get around to catching up with this series.

Fans of this series have most likely read the majority of the novellas in this collection, as I believe there are only two new ones. With that being said, I love that most of the previous novellas are contained here in this one volume. I'm not a huge fan of novellas and short stories tied to a series, but I'm a huge fan of anthologies. The stories contained are both varied and interesting, spanning Jane's past and present, and while some were ones I wouldn't call required reading for fans of the series, others certainly were. And while some would have merited a low star-rating from me, others would have rated quite high.

For newcomers to this series, much like myself, there are many characters that are introduced early in the series books that are familiar enough. On the other hand, there are some characters that I'm guessing appear in the later books. Either way, Blood in Her Veins was easy enough to follow, despite not "knowing" some of the characters and events. I would certainly recommend this for both established fans and newcomers alike, there's enough to give new readers a taste of what the series is all about.

**eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Jeanny Hurry up & catch up this series is

Meigan No worries, it's on my short list. I'll most likely get back to it after I catch up on Gin Blanco.

Marianne what Jeanny said

Meigan I just added the second to my currently reading. That should hold off any additional subtle hinting...

Marianne Now... let's talk about Perry..... ;-)

Meigan Shit! I'd forgotten I promised Perry before Jane. Old Yellowrock is being pushed aside for now. Jesus, all of my empty promises are really biting me in the ass :D

Meigan Refresh me...have I made any other promises to get back to any other books? If so, I'll add them and get to them this week. I'm in a slump, I have 5 books started and can't get into any of them.

Marianne Nah, just Perry and Jane. But I'm hoping you will give A Court of Thorns and Roses a chance. :-)

Meigan I think I have that, I know I bought 2 from her in December, not sure if it's the first two of the Throne series, or the first book for both series. I'll have to check, but I know I had/have them both on my to-read shelf. If not, I'll add Court.

Meigan Oh, I remember promising to finish Mammon and Muse. I'll add that too. (Man, I suck. Big ones.).

Jeanny Yes please add A Court of Thorns and Roses to your short list.

Marianne Buy the audible of A Court of Thorns and Roses, it's fabulous. And just to add your your burden; please hurry up and read the Edge series by Ilona Andrews so we can buddy read the third Innkeeper serial by the same authors. (Which means you'll also have to read Sweep in Peace and Clean Sweep!) Man, you've got your work cut out for you! ;-D

Jeanny *looks about guiltily
I haven't read the Edge series by Ilona Andrews.

Meigan I suppose this is fair punishment for promising so many times to get back to one series or another. It was only a matter of time before my bad habits caught up with me :D

message 15: by Marianne (last edited Feb 05, 2016 01:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Marianne Jeanny: whaaaaat the.....?

You've completely missed the arbitrator's background in Sweep in Peace. He's a struggling kid in the Edge books. (A shame I don't like the adult version, he was a sweet kid.)

Marianne Meigan as far as punishments go, this one isn't bad. All the books on your hurry up and read list are 4-5 stars reads. I'm positive you'll like them ☺

Meigan Truth be told, I've been ignoring the Edge series because isn't it PNR as opposed to urban fantasy? Paranormal romance isn't my favorite, so I tend to overlook or shove aside anything labeled as such in favor of urban fantasy. However, it IS Ilona Andrews, so it can't be all that bad ;)

Marianne I get what you're saying. It IS paranormal romance, and the adults get their HEA'S at the end of every book, but what different about it is that you follow the kids through the span of the series - and now the Innkeeper series as well. I really enjoyed the books while I was reading them, but in hindsight I would rate the series lower than Kate Daniels (no surprise there ) and the Innkeeper books.

Meigan Well, now. In that case, is it imperative to read the Edge prior to Innkeeper, or can I go with Innkeeper first and go from there? I would assume that they both stand easily alone, with some crossovers with possibly familiar faces. Fair assumption, since they are separate series?

Meigan And I'm still laughing over "This displeases me...". I could use that pic for so many things :D

Jeanny I've been ignoring the Edge series also. Sadly It just doesn't appeal to me. I attempted reading the first & kept getting side tracked with other shiny books. Eventually I just returned it & moved on.

message 22: by Marianne (last edited Feb 05, 2016 02:55PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Marianne I love his scowl, it goes so well with the text. RIP Alan Rickman. Meigan you can certainly start with Innkeeper and move on to the Edge of William & co pique your curiosity. Or I can just give you the cliff notes if you decide to skip the Edge books alltogether, they are completely different series.

Meigan It's settled then. Innkeeper first and then maybe the Edge series.

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