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Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here by Christine Warren
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Feb 20, 2011

really liked it
Read in February, 2011

For starters, this is one of Ms. Warren's re-writes based on her [ebook only] Faer Fetched - part of the original Fantasy Fix ebook series which gave birth to the whole Others series of print books. She is now rewriting the ebooks to include with her print books, generally lengthening them and smoothing out plot kinks to make them 'work' better as novels and as part of world of the Others as it has developed. With the first two, Fantasy Fix and Fur Factor, the changes were in details and added scenes. Prince Charming is a major rewrite, basically she kept the two main characters but dumped the plot - admittedly there wasn't much there to work with.

The lead characters are great people; warm, strong, determined to do what is right. Danice's great failing is that she never shuts up - even in Faerie where she does not know the rules - so she keeps getting them in trouble. As a lawyer you'd think she would have learned the power of silence... Mac is half-sidhe and his full Sidhe mother makes Mommie Dearest look like a soccer mom. No love lost there but her machinations make a bad situation infinitely worse.

Most of the story takes place in Faerie - in and around the Unseleighe Court, no less. Although there is not a huge amount of detail; you learn enough not to book it as your next vacation destination. The main plot revolves around finding and retrieving a missing human girl [the granddaughter of Danice's boss and a person of interest to Mac's client] who may [or may not] be pregnant. The subplot is about Danice who is so goal-driven that she hasn't noticed that her goals are not making her happy. Mac helps her realize that maybe it's time to lose the weaselly corporate lawyers she works for [the kind they make jokes and movies about] and be the kind of lawyer that actually helps people...

Reading order - that's a tough one with this series because of the rewrites [and she doesn't post anything on her website about reading order, darn it!] The good news is they're pretty much stand-alone books. I'd make sure I read the first two first, but other than that it's not imperative.

My call is
One Bite with a Stranger rewrite of Fantasy Fix
Big Bad Wolf rewrite of Fur Factor
Wolf at the Door
Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here rewrite of Faer Fetched
She's No Faerie Princess
The Demon You Know
Howl At the Moon
Walk On the Wild Side
You're So Vein
Born To Be Wild

One last point, this novel does not go all the way to the end of the book, it has a LOT of teasers for her other books - in fact, so many they almost felt like filler...


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