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The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf by Sean H. Robertson
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Feb 19, 2011

really liked it
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Read on February 21, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Such an Epical Book.

The Cries Of Vampira:; the name itself makes you feel the sorrow and pain of a peaceful city. City that all her *Her for Vampira because I feel it's a real human with heart that full of love* people are vampire but kind & respectable; the kind I would live among until my death & for sure werewolves are the evil villains –which I totally agree; werewolves are so messy- .
Sean really did a great job with this book. Amazing character that even the smallest detail can make you touch their souls, sometimes I wished if he change something but as I read more; I feel he did it so right. I would not change a thing.
I would love to say;

-Dove; I did not expected it from you, your name made me feel that you are an angel but you turned to be an angelic devil.

-This part really made the teasers fall like a river;

"Kristin begins to realize that the lair cave has been emptied of Grey Wolves. She’s trapped in a ten-foot pit covered by large metal beams. As nasty black rats begin to squeak as they crawl closer towards her, trying to nip at her feet, for the first time in her young life, she feels totally helpless, mentally broken, and uncharacteristi¬cally terrified. Princess Kristin sheds tears of fright for the first time ever as she screams out in the most heart-wrenching cry of her life, “Help me! Someone, please help me!”"

I believe it's so hard to break someone like her; she is my favorite character so far.

Over all the story needed to be a BIG novel. I must admit it has not been the flawless but I can live with that.

The Cries of Vampira is a book either to love or hate and I chose to love.

I can't wait for part 2...

P.S. Vampira is my vampire's name...
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message 1: by Sean (last edited Feb 20, 2011 10:08AM) (new)

Sean Robertson Thank you for helping place The Cries Of Vampira on over 579 To-Read Lists in under 100 days! If you could possibly take 1 hour to read & rate my book's FREE .PDF version this month, it would GREATLY help our word of mouth efforts in supporting The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline now. Please comment me here if you can do this for me right away, as it would be truly appreciated. Thank YOU again for your interest in The Cries Of Vampira & for all you've already done to help save the lives of the Depressed! -SHR

Nevey I will try to finish reading it so soon...

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean Robertson Thank you, I appreciate it. I wish you and every Egyptian the freedom & justice that your hearts desire. You've been in my prayers.

Nevey You are welcome :) Vampires are my love and I love any book related to them.

Awww thanks; I hope so too...

Nevey Thnaks so much.

I really can't wait to read it :) ...

Nevey I will add my full review tonight.

I hope you get to read it...

message 7: by Sean (new)

Sean Robertson I appreciate you adding my 1st self-published book The Cries Of Vampira to your read-list. To help us reach more new readers & Suicide prevention supporters, I was hoping if you would please recommend my book today to a few of your GoodReads friends. Whatever you can do, I'll forever be grateful. Thanks!

Your Human Family brother,
Sean H. Robertson

Nevey I will do so.

I hope you liked my review...

message 9: by Sean (new)

Sean Robertson Thanks. Yes, I love your review. It's one of my faves! Thank you again!

Nevey Really? I am so happy about that.

I wish if I could wrote it much better.

P.S. You insipred me to get back to writing again.

message 11: by Sean (new)

Sean Robertson Wow, that's so great that you said that to me. I'm honored. Write away! That's fantastic!!!

Nevey I already started to write notes but the full story is not yet in my head...
I think I should read more to get my brian to work...

message 13: by Sean (new)

Sean Robertson Hi, GoodReads friend! BLOODLINES:The Cries Of Vampira saga Novella #2 has just be released as an E-Book only to Amazon Kindle & B&N's Nook. You already have my first book of this series on your to-read list, so please add its' sequel now and recommend it to a few of your GoodReads friends for me. Thanks and enjoy your day!

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