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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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Feb 19, 2011

it was ok
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Recommended to Cass by: Ayla

This is a tricky book to review... Firstly I loved it and kept raving about it - because the narrator (of the audiobook) was absolutely amazing. I have never heard a narrator hit all the character voices so well.

But the book itself is just a character writing a kind of boring auto-biography about how he never had enough money to pay for his tuition.

As the book grew to an end, and despite enjoying it, I realised that it kind of wasn't what I thought it was. I thought it was an epic fantasy (Druss the Legend type stuff), but it occured to me that nothing had actually happened in the book.


At the beginning we met him as the inn-keeper and he was mysterious and heroic, and he does some cool stuff. Then he sweeps the floor a bit and sits down to narrater his auto-biography - which is kind of boring. I mean, it feels like it should be really interesting, and the narrator of the audio book does a great job of keeping me hooked, but the story is really just about this guy and his sad life. He is exceedingly intelligent, musically gifted, skilled at a whole heap of things - and yet he lives on the streets for several years, and then when he gets to university he just keeps cocking things up in ways that only hurt himself. When he gets to the university the plot is 100% driven by his need to come up with tuition fees every 3 months.... I am not kidding, this kid never has money - and when he does get it he wastes it, not thinking that he is going to have more fees in just 2 more months. He could make his fees lower by being nicer - but it is the one thing he can't do. He is capable a charm and wit in every other instance, but doesn't do it when it counts.

He never defends himself, he fucks things up, he yells and carries on at the oddest times. What we end up with is kind of a spoiled protaganist. He thinks he has a right to everything and that it is all so important that we want to read a book about it (well, I have started the second book and it is still him trying to come up with tuition fees).

I do like it, I will read the series - but it is kind of a parody.

The author also has an annoying habit of hanging a lampshade on everything ... He does it continuously, it gets old.

Pointing out his own tropes and struggling to pay tuition... The theme of this book.

Also why didn't he just get Ambrose up on the horns over the entry into the archives incident - it would have fixed quite a few problems.
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