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Red Riding Hood by Deanna Wadsworth
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Feb 19, 2011

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I give Red Riding Hood three divas. It was a good short story that tried to mirror the childrens story. The reason for the score is due to the fact that the beginning of the book is written in the third person which is annoying in my mind.

Once you get past that to the "jucy" parts it is quite enjoyable. It is a true erotic/bdsm story. I would most definately read more from this author. It is nothing like the children's story you were told as a child unless your parents tried to teach you sex education at a very early age! Definately worth the read, just hold on till you get past the first part! Reviewed by Wicked

I have to give this book three divas. It's a good twist on an old story. The story starts out sort of slow. Half way through the book the action picks up. It is a good read, with great action.

I can relate with Red on trying to find the one thing that was missing from my life. To find it is the greatest feeling. This is a good story for someone who is curious about what could be missing and would like some ideas as to what to try. Reviewed by Spanks' Girl

Deanna Wadsworth has done a marvelous job with this light fairy tale. It successfully remains a fairy tale right to the end, and she's placed the elements of suspense, humor and hot scenes just right. You will never think of Little Red Riding Hood the same way again - in the best conceivable way Reviewed by Rina

Red Riding Hood takes the traditional children's story to an adult audience. Red discovers how wonderful sexual expression can be, and falls into a hedonistic flurry of exploration. She attracts the attention of several pairs of eyes hiding in the forest and must suffer the consequences of her search for pleasure.

While I enjoyed the turns the story takes, there were a few problems. Several phrases (as well as ideas) are repeated often enough to be distracting. Yes, we know she's selfish. Yes, she's obedient. Too many times polar opposite characteristics are shown at the same time, which can add interest if used sparingly. She's so innocent she doesn't know anything about sex (doesn't she see farm animals?) yet she flings off her clothes in the open forest and allows men she doesn't know to touch her.

The story has possibilities but needs a bit of reworking to remove things that distract. The actual sex scenes are fairly arousing, but right now this story is in the "skip to the good parts" category. I give it Two Divas, with a heat rating of Spark. Reviewed by A Dream in Blue



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