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Pucked Over by Helena Hunting
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6 Randy & Lily Forever STARS – Helena Hunting goes for the hat trick and Pucked Over SCORES BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Pucked Over is the third book in what we all hope to be a never ending series! We’ve met and fell into endless love with Violet and Alex, Miller and Sunny, now it’s time to get to know Randy “Balls” Ballistic and Lily…intimately.

“Anyway, as I was about to tackle the hairy muppet living on my cooch, the door to the bathroom flew open.”

Lily is Sunny’s best friend and an extension of the Waters family. She’s been a part of the family since she was a little girl and they are all very protective of the sassy and independent spit fire that is Lily. Randy and Miller have been friends for years, playing hockey together since they were kids, now they both play for the Chicago Blackhawks along with Lance, and Alex. Although the boys are all pretty tight, Miller and Randy have the closest friendship so when Randy develops an interest in Lily, Miller is a little uneasy. Randy is the type of guy who loves them up and leaves them before feelings ever enter the equation. Miller sees how this could go horribly wrong from the very start and he warns Randy repeatedly that Lily is not a Bunny. What Miller doesn’t realize though is that from the moment Randy lays eyes on Lily in that cottage bathroom covered in shaving cream attempting to deal with the mess that is her fur burger, he never once sees her as a Bunny. He just sees her, in all of her pissed off and spunky glory.

“So I did what any hot-blooded Canadian woman would when a hot man – hockey player or not – threatened extreme violence on her behalf: I grabbed his face and stuck my tongue in his mouth.”

Randy and Lily’s attraction to one and other is explosive from the moment they meet and it leaves both of them not knowing what to make of it. Lily is most definitely not Randy’s type and Randy is not Lily’s type at all. Mind you Randy’s used to clingy, over the top, over inflated bunnies and Lily is used to her insecure, douche bag of an ex, who she’s been with off and on for the last seven years. When the pull towards one and other becomes too much to ignore, that’s when the real fun begins.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t attack him like a starved lion on a steak again.”

Getting a chance to read an early copy of this book had me positively giddy with excitement. The Pucked series has become a very real addiction for me, when each book arrives I lose my mind, knowing that I’m going to have the chance to revisit some of my favorite book characters ever. Violet, Alex, Sunny, Miller, Lance, Randy and Lily always bring it. This series is probably one of the funniest I have ever read, but with that being said, it’s also a series in which every single book is better than the previous, I’m not sure how that is even possible but it is 100% true. Helena Hunting has started something with these books that is going to be a serious problem for me, when she decides to move onto a new series. I’m going to be devastated. True Story. I’m so attached to these fictional people at this point that it’s not entirely healthy.

“I like that she’s my kind of crazy.”

“His deep voice makes my insides liquid, but not Ebola liquid, sexy liquid. I can practically feel his body heat behind me.”

Randy and Lily’s story is a bit different from the previous couple’s, I found it a bit more emotional and even though I love every single one of them, this one hurt my heart a bit more than the others. I think it’s because Randy and Lily both have some very real insecurities that they struggle with and they both have abandonment issues. The story is not all heavy, there is a ton of Laugh Out Loud Snorting moments for sure, I mean Violet makes several appearances and that just says it all right? This book just seemed to have more feels layered in among all the laughs. I loved where Helena went with this one; the series just continues to become even more fantastic and more emotional with each passing chapter. She never fails to deliver a fabulous story, but factor in the incredible sexiness and untouchable humor; you are just left with a truly unforgettable experience. One that leaves your belly aching from the laughter, your heart feeling full and warm and your mind overflowing with thoughts about where the next book will take you. There has to be another. HAS TO BE! I will not accept anything else.

“And he’s pushing inside me – slow, controlled. It’s so, so good. Scratch that. Good doesn’t cut it. It’s more magical than Oz.”

“And the show’s over. I come so hard I’m sure brain cell start dying.”

Randy and Lily are going to steal your heart. Violet is going to make you laugh till it hurts and maybe even pee a little and Alex and Miller will make you swoon all over again. Sunny will make smile huge and the overall reading experience is one that will never be forgotten. Pucked Over is the best book that I had the pleasure of reading this year so far, and it is going not only on my all-time favorites list but also my top reads for 2016 as well. Words cannot possibly express how much I ADORED this book and once again I’m rambling. So bottom line here, PRE-ORDER Pucked Over NOW --> then read the hell out of it, just make sure you do not have a full bladder at any point in time while reading it.

“Nothing screams sexy like puking on a dick.”

“I told her to tell me if things got too intense, but I have no idea what to do with myself.”
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