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Who really betrayed their country?
Traitor, an action-filled thriller that will keep you on your toes. The authors Andy McNab and Robert Rigby, have worked together to create a masterpiece. The novel is fiction set in the present day. This book takes you all over England. The main characters, Danny Watts, Fergus Watts (his granddad), and Elena all very well thought out characters, all fighting for a greater cause. One theme of this book is family ties and when they thwart you, drive you and require your loyalty.
In the beginning of the book, we meet Danny who is trying out for a scholarship to go into a military academy. He was top in all their tests, and he excelled in all the physical requirements. When they announced who was going to get the scholarships, his name was not on the list. It was then he discovered that his grandfather, who was a former SAS agent, had orchestrated a jail break, releasing a lot of very dangerous terrorists. After that his grandfather was called a traitor and forced into hiding. Danny was denied the scholarship because of their worries that he was in contact with his granddad. “That’s garbage,” he snapped at the recruitment officer. He had pinned all of his hopes on this one goal, and they were all scuttled by his relationship to his grandfather who he didn’t know.
After Danny’s interview, he realized that family can drive you to do anything. In his anger of being turned down from the army academy, he vowed to turn in his granddad. He gave up his life of relative luxury for living on the streets of London and always being on the run. He traveled all the way across London and snuck into a pub with old war veterans and stole one of their phones and found the number of Fergus Watts. His friend Elena, a very accomplished computer scientist, had software that could track phones. They put it to use and succeeded in finding his grandfather, hiding in plain sight as a fry cook in a fast food restaurant.
Therefore when Danny meets his granddad, he learns the real story about him, and it changes everything. Suddenly Danny feels obligated to protect and restore his family name. He is driven to do a “suicidal rescue attempt” when his grandfather was captured by MI6, the British secret intelligence agency who is trying to eliminate him for their private reasons.
To conclude one theme of this book is family ties and when they thwart you, drive you and require your loyalty. I would rate this book 3.5 stars out of 5, because it was interesting but I’ve read better books of its kind.

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