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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride
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Feb 15, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, made-me-laugh, can-kindle-lend

Sam is not the most ambitious of urban fantasy heroes. A college dropout who's making ends meet with his job at a fast food restaurant, he's more interested in playing potato hockey in the Plumpy's parking lot than in thinking about his future.

Then a man shows up who recognizes that Sam is actually a necromancer, and Sam is forced to start thinking about his future in a hurry--if he's to have a future at all.

A wide variety of supernatural types are represented here, from shapeshifters to fae to vampires. It's a veritable "everything but the kitchen sink" of paranormal types, which means that most of them don't get explored in much depth. However, McBride does give us an interesting look at necromantic powers and at the pack organization of the shapeshifters, many of whom are a unique variety of fae/shifter hybrid.

I do tend to prefer villains with a few layers, and Douglas was not one of these. Taken in by his aunt at a young age to develop his powers, Douglas might as well have been in an Evil Genius Home-School program. I found it hard to believe that he would have developed so much notoriety without drawing more negative attention from neighboring supernatural Councils.

That said, whether or not a reader likes this book will probably hinge on whether or not the reader thinks it's funny. I found it hilarious. There was a talking head, a zombie panda who brooded over his inability to eat bamboo, and live-action garden gnomes. Who knew a little fella from Travelocity could do so much damage with a tiny shovel?

Recommended for people who are in the mood for a book that doesn't take itself too seriously.
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message 1: by Missie (new)

Missie ummm.. Who wouldn't want to play potato hockey all day?

And maybe Dougie gained his notoriety on-line? You know those stuffy supernatural Councils. They are so old school. Never check the net. Don't even know what it is. *shakes head*

And what kind of monster would make a Panda a zombie? Gah!

I'm gonna use the powerful metafiction skillz I've been developing all semester to say that if the book doesn't take itself seriously, it falls under this genre in some way. Gawd, someone should just hand me a PhD now. *drums fingers in wait*

message 2: by Missie (new)

Missie P.S. Looking for my next read and I always start my searches on your READ bookshelf. hehehe

Galla I give you: the Honorary Unread Reader Ph.D.! Your keynote address is this Friday, midnight. ;)

"We don't need no accreditation... we don't need no thought control."

message 4: by Anthi (new)

Anthi Galla said: " There was a talking head, a zombie panda who brooded over his inability to eat bamboo, and live-action garden gnomes. Who knew a little fella from Travelocity could do so much damage with a tiny shovel?

LOL, the zombie panda simply killed me!

Galla I know! Poor guy--no joy in bamboo? Say it isn't so!

message 6: by Anthi (new)

Anthi Oh yes! Poor, poor little panda :((

message 7: by Missie (new)

Missie Turns out Zombie Panda is quite the phenomenon.

Galla I approve, but I'd approve more if I found out Zombie Lemurs were a phenomenon.

(Can't remember if I've mentioned this, btw, but I can lend this book! I still have The Book Thief avail to lend you, too.)

message 9: by Missie (new)

Missie Good one, but I'd be more happy about Zombie gnomes. Bet those college kids would think twice before trying to steal one for their next kegger.

Ah yes, TBT. *sighs* Someday. Made my reading list for March last night, and forgot about it, but I do have HMCN, and that one did make the list. :D

I think Will would be so pleased with me.

Barbara (VampAngel) You got me with the Zombie Panda. I'd love to borrow it Galla, if Missie hasn't asked for it yet. Sounds like a fun read. I'm in need of that!

Galla Sent, Vamp Angel! I need to get back to reading soon. It's been a crappy medical month. I could use a fun read too, lol.

Amazon80 So i finally read this for real and OMG it was fan-fucking-tastic. I want a pet zombie panda

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