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+Anima 7 by Natsumi Mukai
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This is volume 7 of 10 and the story is still moving along based on seemingly unconnected events. I can understand Husky wanting to go to Sailand, but has he been steering the group in that direction the whole time or is it a coincidence? Is the potential war between Sailand and Astaria partially about the use/abuse of +Anima? Since they have left the country, are military guy and his buddy completely out of the picture? And what about Cooro's past?!? Husky had several days in the cave path to tell them that Sailand keeps +Anima as slaves and yet he forgot about it until after Cooro and Nana take off... Are Ed and Crystala really looking out for the good of +Anima or are they simply doing a better job of keeping them placated? At least this book has an obvious connection to the next book...

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