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White Dragon
I have a shelf on GoodReads entitled “take-flight” that I use for all sort of things: airplane pilots, angels, dragons. Or in this case, drákon . These mythical breasts are beautifully, if fiercely, portrayed in Ms. Abe’s book. I love the descriptions of they flights.
It felt…exhilarating. Even with him there, it felt like liberty, like she need never touch the ground again.

The sun began to set and the entire sky kindled to flame, suspending them in wild pink and cherry and orange, colors so burning and luminous they almost hurt to behold. Every stroke of her wings shifted hues, deepening the heavens, and when the first of the stars sparked overhead – a bouquet of them all at once – all that was left of the day was a band of intense maroon melting like hot sand into the edge of the world.
At times the author’s descriptions reminded me of an old fashioned movie; back when the camera spent time on a scene so we can absorb the surroundings – or the ambience – if you will. Ms. Abe does the same thing; describing the birds’ or monkeys’ reactions to the dragons’ presence, or the intricate description of masquerade costumes. She takes her time on a passage, which is quite alright with me, even if I was a little impatient to move the story along, I finally just enjoyed the lyrical prose of her writing.

I was confused a bit during the prologue and the first chapter, but that is not unusual for me with regards to the fantasy genre. I caught on quick enough by chapter two. Dragons are irresistibly drawn to gemstones. They can smell them, feel them, breathe them. They can change - or “shape-shift” - from human, to smoke, to dragon. Cool.

There was a point at which I was so incredibly glad Rue had escaped the beastly tribe at Darkfrith that I started having my own little fantasy that Kit would not be her love interest. Then, about the time Ms. Abe started writing about that scribe in the council room, I actually flipped to re-read the back-of-the-book-synopsis to check, “Could it be someone else? Please!” There was no way that Kit would ever redeem himself.

I didn’t blame Rue, who is half human, for fighting her fate. Who wants to be in a relationship involving unrequited love? Especially if you’re not the one loved!

About here I need to tell my friend, Faithmarie, not to worry. Rue gets her happily ever after. After all, it did get Romantic Times Historical Romance of the Year 2005. And it’s an enjoyable flight of fantasy until she gets it.
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Shana Abe
“I've wanted you from the moment I first saw you in the museum. Before that. I wanted every part of you from the first time I felt you, your presence. I want you in the sky, and against the earth. I want to kiss you again, I want to touch you, I want to feel you in my arms and I want to hear you gasping my name when I'm inside you. I want all that, and I want it badly. Every time I look at you, I want it. So you're going to have to become used to that, Rue. It won't change."
(Christoff to Rue)”
Shana Abe, The Smoke Thief

Shana Abe
“No Regrets.”
Shana Abe, The Smoke Thief

Shana Abe
“All that effort,” he mused, “merely to avoid me. How gratifying.”
Shana Abe, The Smoke Thief

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Michelle Gilmore I just started reading it this morning. So far, I'm enjoying it too.

Lisa Kay Almost finished. Composing my review in my head.

Lisa Kay Thanks, Lady Danielle!

Carolyn F. I loved this book too Lisa!

Lisa Kay Me too, Carolyn F.! I was a bit worried at the beginning, but it is well worth the read.

message 7: by Amber (new)

Amber mythical breasts, huh? Sounds epic! LOL! ;)

Lisa Kay Oh, just now finding this, Amber! Yes. Beautiful story.

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