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Obsidio by Amie Kaufman
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it was amazing
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Heartfelt shout out to myself and how frEAKING TRAUMATISED I AM RIGHT NOW. I swear I procrastinated this book so badly and then though, no, I need to just finish off the series (of which I adore the first two books). So I was brave. I was determined. And?

OK BUT IT RIPPED OUT MY HEART AND SORT OF HEALED IT ... BUT LIKE WOW. WOW. IT'S GOOD OK. IT IS A SERIES CONCLUSION OF ALL THE STARS. I also hate these authors so much adjfkslad who hurt them tho that they have done this to us????? Jay Kristoff thrives off our tears I'm so so sure of it.

Ok so there's not much to say without giving spoilers!! But least to say I mean I loved everything. (HA. So helpful.) I did miss that there wasn't as many interesting mixed-media spreads or text-convos (more surveillance footage summaries) but the ending WAY made up for it with some gorgeously exquisite spreads!! And the audio book is absolutely astounding. The voice actors are so perfect and get all the emotions right, and the sound-effects makes it like a movie!! So I listened + flicked through as I did. 10/10 recommend all the formats.

And I so rarely say this but?!?? I WANT THIS AS A MOVIE.

My favourites remain to be: AIDAN, Ella, Nik and Hanna. (Also I think Gemina is actually my favourite book?! But like only by a sliver because I love ALL the books so much.) But Kady is so incredibly smart and unstoppable. And I love Isaac Grant who like is here, in a hospital bed with a shot wound, and sees these bunch of raggedy clever ptsd-ridden smart-mouthed teens and goes, "OK YOU ARE ALL MY CHILDREN NOW STOP SWEARING AND HERE IS YOUR CURFEW." Bless Issac Grant.

We also do get a new couple: Asha and Rhys. I didn't love them that much tho, but I think that's because nOThIng lives up to Hanna and Nik ok. 😍Asha was lovely and Rhys had fabulous hair, things I do appreciate.

ALSO THE PLOT WAS WILD AND FULL OF TWISTS. As it should be! I was SHOCKED so many times and there was one part...omfg. My heart wasn't made to be stabbed like that. I am filing a formal complaint for all the emotions i had to feel. How dare.

Spoiler section because I have to shriek uncensored.
(view spoiler)

Yes perfect book is perfect. I ask for nothing else ❤️💔 just a little duct tape for my shattered feels that I am stumbling around trying to piece back together. It was GOOD. It was engaging and twisty and had the banter I love, but still kept the absolute darkest tone to reflect the horror of the storyline. Ahhhh!!! It's just the best feeling when a finale gets it right!! I'm over here just all !!!!! if you need me.
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*distant nervous laughter*"
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24.68% "My favourites are Ella, Nik, and AIDAN and if anything happens to them I will eat the entire world in furious retribution."
June 25, 2018 –
page 200
32.52% "AIDAN: I have good and bad news
Kady: ???
AIDAN: we are all going to die
AIDAN: but also I have a crush on you so is that < error > awkward or anything"
June 27, 2018 –
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43.74% "omfgggg AIDAN
July 4, 2018 –
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56.59% "Kady: We should plot carefully.
Ezra: Absolutely! Violence isn't necessary to--
Nik: [hits 3 people]
July 11, 2018 –
page 424
68.94% "I actually am a smol bit sad there's less pictures and unique formatting in this??? Where are my blood stained pages sheesh."
July 19, 2018 –
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75.77% "Ezra: Nik is my gunner. He's fine! He's a great shot.
Ezra: ...
Ezra: ...."
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message 1: by Lynn (new) - added it

Lynn Did you read the 1st one yet?

C.G. Drews @Lynn: For sure. :)

Marisa It really was the PERFECT finale. Hands down. Too many books have crappy endings or cop-outs for endings. Not this book! <3 Thank you for your review, you wonderful human. <3 <3

Cailin (Rose Petal Pages) this basically sums up all my feels for this finale

C.G. Drews yes yes it just did the ending justice and gave us everything we needed ahhhhhhh

Shanti i finished this yesterady and I loved it! I have so many feelings! It was definitely chaotic, but it worked, so that was good!

SanaBanana i love how extensive your reviews are, its like youre fangirling to me and i feel whole reading them

Karen i need to get MY HANDS ON THIS

Jenny, The Distracted Bee “Jay Kristoff thrives off our tears I’m so sure of it.” Is a bullseye. What a sadist! I’m jealous of these 2 authors and their creativity and uniquity...

Harker I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well. Parachute, surprise returns, all of it. I definitely cried a bit during certain scenes (it was horrible). ;_; Maybe I'll reread them all this year. The first book might be my favorite overall, I'm not sure, but AIDAN is my favorite character for sure.

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