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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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Feb 13, 2011

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bookshelves: action-adventure
Read from August 27 to November 03, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Immediately after I finished I definitely would have given this novel four stars, but after letting it sit... I felt more comfortable with three. The plot is what pulled through. The plot kept me interested and had me devouring the pages. But there are many other problems.

First, the dialogue. Awkward. And spotty.

Second, the love triangle. Why, oh why? Did there really honestly have to be? What is the deal with YA and these damn love triangles? Rawr. I guess Pittacus Lore(Yeah, I'm too lazy to find their names), could have pulled it off. I mean, the only reason I thought there wouldn't be any Four/Six is because it would have been too obvious, but he did it anyways. And totally failed. There was no SPARK. NO SPARK. There must be sparks for a love triangles. A whole lot of them. I did not feel one. No pull in my abdomen, no anticipation. It was so... dry. And even worse? A wishy-washy-Bella Six. Urg. I don't even want to go there. I am begging for a quick resolution! No angsty chapter long but I like them both!, please.


Sam... oh, Sam. You were fun and quirky and interesting, but in the damn way! I felt like Four and Six were babysitting some bratty four year old who kept getting in the way. So much more could have been accomplished if Sam had been left at home... or in the hotel room at least. Four, what were you thinking bringing Sam along to find your chest?! Not only would that stone have worked longer on you alone, but you wouldn't have had to keep a lookout on him. *Sigh* This book sometimes defied common sense. Huh, setting your stopwatch for the exact moment before you become visible? Why not a ten minute warning?!

Despite all of this... I liked the novel. I thought the action was much better managed and divided than the first - where the action was all condensed into a terribly long sequence.

I found Adelina totally interesting. I know a lot of people hated her, but I found her fascinating. She was so believable. I could definitely see where she was coming from and why she decided to do what she did. And in the end, I found that she redeemed herself.

As I said, the plot was pretty strong. I'll definitely be adding the next one to my to-read list.

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message 1: by rameau (new)

rameau I still haven't read I Am Number Four, should I?

Mirabelle Hmm. It's very action-y and very young adult-y. It's not amazing, but I liked it well enough. I guess it depends on what you like reading...

message 3: by rameau (new)

rameau I can always flounce if I don't like it. I just need to find a copy of the book first.

Mirabelle Yes, very true. I would send you my copy, but shipping is crazy expensive :D If you decide to read it don't forget to let me know what you think!

message 5: by rameau (new)

rameau It's the thought that counts. Besides, I'd rather find the ebook since there's less chance of my Kindle flying out my window and hitting an unsuspecting passer by than a paperback. ;)

Mirabelle Haha, so true. One of the many reasons why I love my kindle!

Rhea How are you liking it so far?

Mirabelle I barely started! I've just been so busy... I'll let you know once I'm farther in.

Rhea For sure let me know i finished it and loved it

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