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Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn
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Feb 13, 2011

bookshelves: kick-ass-heroine, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I don't want to be giving this 2 stars simply because it wasn't my thing. Because I've read urban fantasy before, I've read some vampire books before (even though they are SO not my thing, Vampire Academy is my favourite YA series), I literally grew up watching Charmed and I write fantasy myself. So I can deal with all the elements needed to make this novel. It's not 2 stars simply becuase it's not my thing, although after reading the first book I will not be continuing because it is just SO not my thing.

The reason I picked it up was because I liked the idea of a strong witch being the lead, not your normal damsel in distress or kick-butt super-powered woman. I liked the idea of just an average women being the lead. Which is why I was disappointed when it turns out she's really quite an important and special person, and part of one of the courts fighting it out in this book.

I also didn't particularly like Grieve. I certainly didn't like whenever Cicely was around the vampires. I certainly didn't like it how when one of the vampires fed from her and made her orgasm, she was totally offended that he didn't fall madly in love with her. Like... what? Bitch, you're just food to him. Get over yourself.

AND ANOTHER TIME CICELY RANDOMLY MENTIONS, ABOUT SOME GUY SHE'S NEVER SHOWN AN ATTRACTION TO, HOW IF GRIEVE WEREN'T AROUND SHE'D TOTALLY BE FUCKING THAT GUY. Yes, that needed to be in caps. Because WHAT. THE. FUCK. I don't care that she's a sexually empowered twenty-something. Either you only want Grieve and it's a true forever love because you're destined to be together or not. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, BITCH. Be faithful.

The writing itself was largely fine. Some sentences didn't quite make sense because they were missing a word, but I could figure out which word was missing. Other times I was frustrated by the complete lack of description. I don't want a tale of "Well I woke up and opened my eyes and breathed and blinked and got out of bed and brushed my hair and had a shower and washed my hair"... you get it. I don't want a play by play, but I do think it is important to mention important things like when doors lock, open, or close, when someone is embraced and kissed and they're not just having a tongue suddenly rammed down their throat form someone who was previously standing five feet away. When someone is standing in the kitchen and then in the next sentence they leap into their car. Is the car in the fucking kitchen? It's just lazy writing trying to get a sense of urgency that fails.

The premise was the most interesting thing: vampiric Fae. Fae that have been vamped up and are more powerful than both. It sounded cool. but we saw way less of these Fae than anything else, and when we saw Grieve it was mostly to have sex.

Cecily was also supposed to be this witch, right, that taught herself, right, yet I couldn't figure out if she was especially gifted or not. I couldn't figure out just how powerful she was, and in the end, some goddess gave her a present for no reason other than she wanted to. Cecily didn't deserve the gift, and from what I read, she deserved to lose her withcy gifts as well from under-use before the novel started. BUT she apparently was a good witch. BUT she made everyone else do all the magic stuff (warding, spells etc), because she didn't know it. SO what DOES Cecily do?

In the end, all the politics and the deals made are totally wasted anyway, because Cecily takes her tiny little five-person army (including a ghost dreamwalking guy who showed up randomly for no reason) to go and rescue Peyton, and they manage it pretty OK. So the entire novel is OMG WE MUST SAVE PEYTON and trying to figure out where she is and how to do it, and Cecily makes a deal witht he vamps that includes one of them drinking from her even though they don't do anything for her and she is meant to spy on the Indigo Court even though she's not Indigo, she's just part Fae, and then they go in by themselves with no help from the vampires anyway. So why was the book so long???

I do believe the ending was well written. I got the climax, it was very climax-y, and there are unresolved issues that will be resolved later in the series. I won't be reading on because I thought it was going to be more witches and less vampires and were-folk.

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39.75% "I'm struggling with this book. There's so much back story. I feel I've missed a book, but it's the first in a series. There's hardly any exposition. It's overwhelming, but I'm soldiering on."
June 2, 2011 –
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41.01% "The astonishing lack of details in places astounds me and annoys me. The MC is in a kitchen having a conversation with her cousin - the next paragraph she leaps into her car and drives off. In another section, a female character lifts her skirt and reveals her thigh - the next paragraph the MC is being kissed in a tight embrace. No descriptions lead to the kiss, it just happens. Annoying."
June 25, 2011 –
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73.19% "A big secret was just revealed and I'm just going... so what? I don't really give a toss. throw her to the vampires. The men are stupid and obsessed with owning the women as property, which is so not what should be happening in this kind of kick-ass chick book. Can this book be over yet?"
June 28, 2011 –
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78.23% "Ugh, she's just a whiny spoiled little girl. She's getting all up in arms because the vamp who turned her on and drank from her used her like she was food. HELLO. VAMPIRE. Lady, you're just food. Deal with it. You really want a vamp to fall in love with you when you have Grieve - and I haven't even figured out what exactly he is yet!"
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Lissa I put this down for a couple of months because I wasn't ready for an adult book (as opposed to YA).

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