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Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
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Feb 13, 2011

it was ok
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I've been told this series gets good at book three. Someone else said book four. Another, book six.

I promised to read until book seven, and I will. But Harry is seriously, seriously shitting me.

Harry Dresden is a Wizard private eye who works largely with the Chicago police department's Special Investigations officer, Murphy.

He has the most over-developed Hero complex of any protagonist I've ever read, to the point of ridiculous. I'm almost wondering whether his subconscious is guiding him toward some kind of dramatic suicide which would make this novel more interesting if that were true.

[image error]

Although, Dresden isn't the only infuriating character in this book. The plot follows roughly the same from last book.

Gruesome murders occur. Murphy calls Harry in. Harry begins investigating. Almost dies investigating. Murphy suddenly decides Harry is involved and likely a murderer and tries to arrest Harry. Harry evades police capture and embarks on a suicide quest to clear his name and stop more murders from occurring. Harry gets the shit kicked out of him.

Also, note to Harry: You're not chivalrous. YOU'RE A CHAUVINIST! Every single woman in these books is either seen for sexual purposes, or is trying to get involved in things over her head, or needs to be taken care of by Harry. If Murphy has to whack him over the head and tell him one more time to let her take care of herself then I just might help her bury his ass.

And I like that Murphy is strong and capable but she's also stupid, she jumps to conclusions and is WAAAAAaaaaaayyyyy too trigger happy when it comes to doubting Harry.

And Harry never gets rightfully annoyed that Murphy is so willing to jump to the conclusion that he's a vicious, lying murderer every five seconds. No, he's got to beat himself up. Then he has to beat himself up for not solving the convoluted mystery quick enough. Then he has to beat himself up if anyone gets hurt.

Harry, maybe it's time to take up a drinking habit or something... just a suggestion.

[image error]
At least he'll get a good tombstone.

The best thing about this book was the audio by James Marsters' narration. He did an amazing job. His voice was like honey. Every sentence was so delicious! I could just imagine him talking while chained to a bed and looking at me with smooky, delicious eyes...
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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim o_O Is he the narrator?

Kat Kennedy Yes, yes he is!

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Is it an abridged or unabridged version?

Kat Kennedy unabridged.

message 5: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Sweet, much better. I despise abridged audio books.

Just curious, why are you listening and not reading? Oh, nevermind, Marsters. Right? ;)

message 6: by Kat Kennedy (last edited Feb 23, 2011 07:22PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kat Kennedy Haha, you know me too well, Jay!

But actually, I'm listening because YOU told me that the only way you got through books 2 & 3 was by listening to Marsters. If I know the next two books are going to be really average, then I want to have them in style. Besides, I keep wondering if Marsters decided to wear his clothes to the recording that day... maybe he felt like playing with honey...

Maybe he was chained to a bed while he narrated?

message 7: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Well, umm, I'm straight and have no sexual attraction to him at all, but I can understand what you're saying. ;)

I have actually read them, but I thought Marsters did such a fanfuckingtastic job that listening to him actually made them better. I listened to them on a road trip and the miles just flew by.

Kat Kennedy You know, Jay, I'm so impressed that you admitted that.

And yes, Marsters is pretty fantastic at this! I'm really enjoying his voice!

message 9: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay I would say that Fool Moon was decent, but the third book is great. It begins the war with the Red court, which is the meat of the story for several books, and the shit starts to hit the fan with the fae. Also, you meet Michael and Thomas, two very important people in Harry's life.

As for Marsters, well, he's a talented, charismatic, and good looking guy. I can appreciate those qualities in a man without being a poof, right? right? :D

Kat Kennedy Absolutely! In fact, I think it shows that you aren't intimidated or insecure about your sexuality!

message 11: by Misty (new) - added it

Misty Mmmm, James Marsters...
I've never done audiobooks, but...I could make an exception.

Kat Kennedy Misty, I've never liked audiobooks. This one it worth making an exception for.

message 13: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Soooo... what did ya think, Kat?

Kat Kennedy Alas, I haven't finished it yet.

message 15: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay That doesn't bode well. hahaha

Meh, it's not the best in the series, by far. It really doesn't crank up until the the 3rd, anyway.

message 16: by Fiction Fool (last edited Mar 03, 2011 05:27PM) (new)

Fiction Fool Did Marsters narrate all of the audio books? I think he should narrate all the male parts in the Night Huntress Series. He'd be great for Bones' part.

Chichipio Loved the comic. It shows exactly one of the biggest problem with the book. Harry's idiocy is supposed to be understood as bravery and honor. Yeah, right.

message 18: by j (new)

j is the comic original work? i lol'd.

Penny Book four is good. Fun, interesting, pretty evenly paced. Harry isn't thisclose to dying every other chapter. I remember thinking that the author must have taken a correspondence course on writing or whatever.

Books one, two and three? Atrocious. Book five is practically killing me too. Not enjoying it. So perhaps it's smooth sailing after book five? I hope so.

message 20: by j (new)

j wow you guys are really making me want to pick up this series!

Kat Kennedy Joel, yes, and it was my first ever attempt at a comic too!

Penny, really? Argh!

Penny You know, it could just be that I haven't been in the mood to listen to it. When I have nothing better to do I turn it on and clean (but even then I've got 3 other audiobooks AND several actual books I'm reading right now. Book five is the least likely to get my attention at this time). When I turn it on I space out because I can't remember what the hell is happening. After ten minutes of trying to figure things out I usually just turn it off. :S

Sucks because book five features Michael and I like Michael.

Chichipio Hmm… Book 5 is one of my favorites. The later ones might be better written but in that one we have Ivy, Kincaid, the denarians, the three knights. To me, Nic & friends are maybe the coolest bad guys in the whole series.

Chichipio BTW, your Harry looks pretty great, but obviously the star of the comic is the pipe. I usually don't like spoilers but… does the pipe make it? Or is it ended up bent beyond recognition?

Kat Kennedy It's touch and go there for a while, but the pipe pulls through. Brave little soldier!

message 26: by Sandra (new)

Sandra I didn't make it past book 1. It was just too annoying.

I'm glad the pipe made it, I was worried there for a while.

Christine Here's how it works: Book 2 is the worst in the series, hands down. If it weren't that the wolves you meet are recurring characters, I'd say skip it. I'd still say skip it, because you can work out who they are from context later on. :)

Book 1 gives you the idea -- wizard detective -- Harry Potter meets CSI -- check. You got some magic and some humor and if you like the genre you think, sure, let's give it another shot.

Book 3 is good. Not great, but good, and it sets in motion a whole series of events that are going to follow/haunt Harry for many books to come. You also meet some new characters who become hugely important, and the whole series takes a sudden dark and personal turn. I've actually told people to start with book 3, skipping both 1 and 2. You get enough back story to figure out what's important anyway.

Book 4 is very good, taking the momentum of book 3 and running with it. We've got the whole world in danger and only Harry can save it. Very exciting.

Book 5 makes you wonder if books 3 and 4 were just flukes, because again, it's not great, but you have to read it because once again, it sets things in motion.

Book 6 is AWESOME! After book 6, if you can put the series down when there's still one more left to read, it is clearly not for you, and you have escaped the craze. Congrats. Or I'm sorry. Whichever you prefer. :)

Lori K Book 2 stalled me too. James Marsters is the only reason I'll keep going. If Murphy arrests him again I am going to fling my iPad.

message 29: by Christine (last edited May 23, 2011 08:18PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Christine Murphy arresting Dresden drove me nuts in the first couple of books! I don't think she successfully arrests him in book 3, although she might have tried (details fuzzy). Murphy improves as a character somewhere between books 4-6. (When she learns a few truths...won't say anymore to avoid spoilers.)

Really, those who are stalling on book 2, try book 3. It's much better, and it sets up some arcs, so you can start to see the shape of the series. (Of course, I say that, but I think I waited a year between reading books 2 and 3! :) )

Calamity Jim I agree with you on the whole the plot is the same thing, but I do like Dresden. He isn't really a chavaunist because if you notice he also treats men the same way he treats women with the whole 'NO! IT'S TOO DANGEROOOOOOUUUUUUUS!'. Dresden also is totally paranoid and has no self confidence. That is part of the reason he never gets properly made at Murphy. He's got a Harry Potter size Martyr complex and acts like he was abused as a kid. It makes him interesting, even when the book is not.

message 31: by Ryan (new)

Ryan I think the reason she was angry was because he was endangering her job and being overly dishonest

Calamity Jim Ryan wrote: "I think the reason she was angry was because he was endangering her job and being overly dishonest"
I think it is less that and more that he was curbing her autonomy by not letting her decide for herself as to whether or not she could handle it. It isn't his job to decide what is right for her.

Tenoko1 Okay, knowing James Marster' is the narrorates this book make me want to get the audio version for that reason alone, would make me want to read the book for that reason alone. YUM!

message 34: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Aimee (Fiction Fool) wrote: "Did Marsters narrate all of the audio books? I think he should narrate all the male parts in the Night Huntress Series. He'd be great for Bones' part." He had to leave after side jobs, for scheduling conflicts. They got John Glover to replace him

Jessica Kayuha I just wrote my own review, but seriously, I should just have put in a link to this one because you've said everything I wanted to say so much better than I ever could. I'm very glad to see that I'm not alone in my thoughts!

Kristen I am reading these again and get the joy of rediscovering how whiny Harry is. Especially after reading No Dominion, it is grating, so your review is spot-on and made me laugh.

Jessica I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about these books!

Szymon True the characters in this story has some serious problems. I mean paranoid Murphy is out of character if you consider next books, and basically all characters act like total morons. Dresden escaping before he has a chance to explain himself. Murphy arresting Dresden. Murphy keeping semi-immortal werewolf in prison without circle or something. I have strange feeling that Butcher sacrifice logic and reason of his characters for Crowning Moment of Awesome - battle with loup-garou.

And I knew from beginning that he would strike MacFinn with his necklace.

Szymon Actually I heard that Butcher writes novels 1-3 during correspondence course on writing ;)

Mathis This series gets good page one book one. Try reading the book instead of just cliftnotes.

Kat Kennedy It was a thoroughly average book for me, but that is for your opinion.

Andrew Obrigewitsch I'm personally a huge fan of Noir fiction, and this has quite a few Noir elements, however this is the only urban fantasy I have read that I actually enjoyed. But I felt this book was overwritten and about 100 pages too long.

Since I have yet to read more I can't urge you to continue but I would say that if you are not enjoying it then don't. Read something that you enjoy reading.

message 43: by Anna (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anna If you like noir try reading Mike Carey's Felix Castor series (The Devil You Know #1). It's better written and the protagonist is more convincing. (But set in London not US.)

Simone I'm reading the book right now, but had to put it down because I was getting too frustrated. Btw totally agree with the commenter above who recommended the Felix Castor novels, the writing is SO much better!

Kat Kennedy Would love to try it out!

message 46: by Anna (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anna The Devil You Know (Felix Castor, #1) by Mike Carey Not sure what the current cover is. It will be interesting to see what you think :)

message 47: by Sue (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sue You perfectly described my feelings about this book.

message 48: by K.C. (new) - rated it 4 stars

K.C. Christine wrote: "Murphy arresting Dresden drove me nuts in the first couple of books! I don't think she successfully arrests him in book 3, although she might have tried (details fuzzy). Murphy improves as a charac..."

Thanks for letting me know that bit about Murphy. I find her quite static as a character and it's getting boring. I was not as disappointed in this book as the author of the review was, but I do see the points she makes and am still excited to get book 3 into my hands.

message 49: by Crapkit (new)

Crapkit Boye I totally agree with what you said Kat.

Shelah I didn't read this one in audio format. I want to think that Murphy could handle herself, but she's going to need to wise up a lot first. You gave a great review of everything else about her. I think if a man were a wizard, it makes sense that he would be somewhat chauvinistic masked as (in his mind) chivalry. Magic comes from a different age altogether, so I don't find that jarring. I find it fitting. It makes sense for his character. I do want the women to stop being so stupid.

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