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The Violators by Vincenzo Bilof
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it was amazing

Unless you're a writer that has been initiated into the quirks of small press publishing, and moreso Bizarro small press publishing, you probably won't be able to appreciate the insider humor of this one. It's not a book for readers. It's a book for writers. It's a spry, quick read that pours out its wrath on all the usual suspects and finally even the book's publisher in Perpetual Motion Machine. Vincenzo Bilof smashes effortlessly through the fourth wall of small press publishing, where the minutiae of politics that exist there are magnified to the point where you'd think successful navigation means the difference between a prosperous life and a swift death. And to the scene's many participants, that is all too often the case!

What I found myself admiring about The Violators was its penchant for offending the social causes that have become the new taboos, these taboos being female sovereignty, hipster trends and literary elitism. At every turn, Vincenzo eviscerates them with reminders that there was never a cow so sacred it couldn't produce milk.

Where plot is concerned, well, there's not much of it on display, but there is Alan and his growing collective of university cronies, druggies, aspiring novelists and students of refined homicide, i.e. murderers. There are all kinds of naval gazing, overprivileged meditations in these pages as the jaded youths that follow Professor Krang's homicidal example ruminate on the subjects of the Nuclear Family Paradigm, the passage to manhood, spousal abuse and what it really means to publish something you've written.

The part that I found myself coming back to often was when one of the interchangeable female characters, either Cindy or Vivian (I can't remember, and honestly, it doesn't matter as they're stock characters no better than red shirts here) begs, pleads, taunts and finally dares our doting, disaffected anti-protagonist, Alan, to beat her to within an inch of her life. The dialogue in this scene flows like a river cruise through the Rhine Gorge of Central Germany.

I have endorsed Bizarro with what some would say an excess of enthusiasm the last few years, and my enthusiasm remains for that subgenre and the many talented people who call it home. However, it is just as necessary to hear a dissenting opinion on anything. Authors such as Kevin Strange and Vincenzo Bilof are essential to that counterbalance in their arguments against both certain writing tropes, popular misconceptions in publishing and even the guiding principles that founded such movements.
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76.44% "This is a book written for writers. I'd say 3/4ths of any potential reading audience would never grasp the irony of the phrasing, the dialogue, the snarky literary jibes and sarcasm dripping from this tome's jagged fangs."
January 29, 2016 –
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76.44% "That prologue, though! Hilarious! He sums up the New York Times Best Sellers List and their usual suspects with such gusto and amusement. This prologue that doesn't happen at the beginning is almost as funny as Alan's 'Get me a sandwich and beer, you fucking whore' moment."
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Jeremy Maddux "There is no social commentary here. There is nothing for liberals, conservatives, feminists, rapists, terrorists, extremists, theorists, pacifists, misfits, sophists, or critics." - Well said. Sad we live in an age where this has to preface a work of FICTION. Kneejerk reactionary pussies.

Vincenzo Bilof. The Violators (Kindle Locations 16-17). Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Jeremy Maddux HA! Scary People may get all the hype, but this book is every bit as funny! People holding grudges are missing out on some great reading!!! It's metahumor at its finest! "No. She’s also afraid to die. I’ve been thinking about raping her skeleton for a long time. The past few weeks especially. She’s still reeling from her rejection when she submitted her story to Perpetual Motion Machine. Someone else rejected her story, too. A market that only pays exposure."

Jeremy Maddux Holy shit, this book just smashed the fourth wall of small press publishing! You can't do that! But he just did!

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