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Human by Warren Mayocchi
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March 2016: I currently have this great book available for review in a number of formats, if you are interested in a copy please email me at

Warren Mayocchi should be very proud of this book. I have read a LOT of books about Autism, particularly Aspergers after my own late life diagnosis and the fact that my son is an Aspie also. Amongst those many books have been memoirs of different people describing their own journey. This is one of the better ones, I related to a lot more in this book than I had in many others.

Sometimes I have found memoirs to be almost too personal, too insular and therefore they don't make sense to the reader trying to connect or understand the world of another. Warren does give examples and shows what some of his personal special interests and passions are but this book is so much more than that. It moved me in a lot of ways.

His descriptives of feeling like a faulty human being all his life and knowing something was different but not knowing what until the day he hears "Congratulations, you have Aspergers!" I know only too well, I was a year younger than Warren when I was diagnosed and it changes everything. Warren shares how he then has to apply that to looking back on his life and the struggles he had and still has.

I really liked his point that just because we are considered "high-functioning" (I also hate that term Warren), it does not mean we don't have the most extreme daily struggles, that is something most people just don't get. The level of support an Aspergers adult might need. Warren talks of mornings when waking up and just thinking of the day head kicks in the anxiety - I get it, totally.

I read this book over a few hours and could not put it down, it has a mix of good researched information about Autism blended with personal experience and most importantly human feelings and thoughts being an adult with Aspergers. And oh! how much it takes out of you to blend in an adapt and "act" to fit in with the rest of the world and what they expect of us. Warren talks of much needed issues like Autistic Burnout which is when an Autistic person has all of their coping mechanisms collapse, a bit like a breakdown. Been there, after my diagnosis. Hell on earth. I am so glad Warren touched on that as so many late diagnosed adults go through it.

Covering common co-morbid issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, gut problems, bowel issues and much, much more that has research backing up the links, this book covers so much that y you might want to know about the whole experience of a person with Aspergers.

Whether you are an Aspie yourself, a parent or carer or one, an educator or professional you will get something great from this book. After reading so much on the topic I have lost faith in a lot of books as I find them repetitive and nothing new touches me or educates me. Warren't book is one of only two memoirs I have read where I was really nodding my head a lot and saying "I get it, I get it".

I give this one an easy five stars and really recommend it highly. I am so glad Warren did push through with encouragement to put his journey into a book, it will help many people. I felt like I made a new friend. I just want to say how amazing I think his neurotypical (non-autistic) wife is also, she stood by Warren during incredibly difficult times often meaning her own needs were not met. I too have a very supportive husband and am aware of my deficiencies because of my Aspergers, a supportive partner can make such a difference.

A brilliant book, go out and get it one way or another. If you are even curious if you might have Aspergers, this is one of those books where you might see yourself within the text and I encourage you to seek a professional diagnosis from a good professional if you even suspect you may have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It helps a lot.

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Many thanks to the author for sharing a copy of the book with me in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Sylvia Hello Maxine. Love your review for this book. I want to read this book and am wondering if I could get a copy of this book in .epub or .pdf from you. Do you mind sending those versions to my email?

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