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The Insiders by Rosemary Rogers
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Warning: spoilers

It's hard to know what to make of this book.

It's pretty much a sex fest with emphasis on rape.

Eve is a model. She is friends with another model, Marti,(lesbian ), who she shares the flat with. She is also hung up on her useless and faithless boyfriend David.

Chpt 3:Eve pays for going to her therapist peter by letting him have sex with her. She spends the sessions talking about how much she loves David, before begging Peter to f*** her.
Chpt 4: gratuitous scene of lesbian sex with marti and Stella.
Chpt5: info on Stella is then provided detailing her marriage, a lesbian encounter with Mim, which is interrupted by her husband, who then proceeds to beat and rape her violently ( gratuitous description)
Chpt 6: Stella is jealous of eve. She has told David that eve and Marti had sex once . Character Gloria introduced. She fulfills all the boss's secret sexual desires and introduced him to the 'orgy scene'. She sets up a house party where everyone else are swingers save eve and David. Eve goes to bed and another man joins her? When she realises it ' s not David, she tells him to leave but he doesn't stop. David walks in on this ( staged by Gloria) and creates a scene. He breaks up with Eve and then has sex with Gloria.
Chpt 7: David is furious with Eve and when he sees pictures of Eve we get an internal diatribe where he calls her all the names of the day. So he calls up Gloria and there is more gratuitous sex.

Chpt 8:Eve meets Brant Newcombe (millionaire) at a party but is warned that he is dangerous and does not like him.

Chpt 9: She tells Marti about this and she reveals that when she was just out of school, Brent asked her to be one of a group of 6 , including a chaperone, on a yacht cruise to the Bahamas. In fact there was no chaperone and the party was her and 5 guys and they pretty much raped her until they got to jamaica when they brought some prostitutes on board and they watched her have sex with these women - this was when she realised she was a lesbian
Chpt 10: David asks Eve out for dinner. We get a lengthy mental monologue detailing his contempt for women and that he only wants her as a mistress and not a wife ( David is not a likeable individual ) . Eve declares her love and they get back together.
Chpt 11: However this is an open relationship as David 'wanted her - but he wanted other women too' , she knows that he is off with other women on occasions so she continues to date other men and see Peter the therapist ( who should be struck off)
Chpt 12: enter David's 17 yr old sister Francie. She wants to be a play boy model and is modelling for pictures, with Brant Newcombe and his friend Jerry. They both have sex with her and take porno pictures of each other. Francie gets off on pain and the sex becomes fairly violent but they all have another go.
Chpt 13: Brant and Francie havemore violent sex, where he hits her, calls her a whore ( and worse), slams his hand into her face etc.
Chpt 14: description of Francie's enjoyment of being spanked by her dad, and her gang rape by 4 boys at her school - though she got to like it. Francie describes this to Brant and they have backdoor sex in the shower.
Chpt 15: back to Stella. It turns out that she has decided to see if she likes men after all and that David has been teaching her all. More gratuitous sex scenes.
Chpt 16: descriptions of what Francie is getting up to at Brant's orgies. 'she was a sadists dream come true' . She lets anyone do anything - to prove to Brant she loves him ( this is just nasty). At one stage she is almost 'screwed to death' by a rock band.
Chpt 17: Francie and David have an argument. He spanks her and she almost orgasms. He tells her he will send her to a shrink. Eve comes along and warns David about brant and that Francie could be in trouble if she was associating with him. David and eve have sex.
Chpt 18: eve goes to a party at brant's home. She sees Francie being auctioned off and notes that she has whip marks. Eve tries to intervene but brant approaches her.
Chpt 19: brant takes eve to the bar, he gives her a spiked drink and then drags her to his 'playroom', he hits her, forces her to the bed, strips her etc. She resists but is unco-ordinated due to the drug. He forcefully performs oral sex on her. Other people come into the room.they are all drugged up. They take indecent pictures of eve. She is then raped by an untold number of men in what turns out to be a group orgy. Brant goes last and she passes out with the pain.

Chpt 20: eve wakes up to find brant there. He has had a physician look at her to check she is ok. He blames her for not getting enough of the drug and giving in and having fun ( WTF???)
Chpt 21: brant drives her home. He kisses her and then pushes her out of the car. Background on brant given.
Chpt 22: turns out brant was in a sexual relationship with his aunt sylvia in his formative years
Chpt 23: eve returns home and sees David. He does not believe her account of events, even when he sees her bruises. She throws him out ( the only good decision in the whole book?)
Chpt 24: jerry ( one of the gang bangers) rings looking for eve to come to another party. She tells him where to go and threatens legal action re what happened. They then try and pay eve off but she rips up the check and sends it back. Marti convinces her not to take any further action for the sake of her career. She is offered a possible position on tv and goes to new York.
Chpt 25: new York. She has sex with Randall, who would be her future co presenter. This is thankfully consensual but does involve anal sex.
Chpt 26: flight home. Brant has seat beside her on plane. He asks her to marry him because she had 'kept on fighting' and wouldn't be bought off - again WTF???
Chpt 27: David and his new lover go to greet the plane. When eve sees them, she agrees to go with brant. She is nervous of going into his house - but hey it's ok as he promises not to coerce her. He suggests they have sex to see if she can bear him after what happened and one thing leads to another etc.
Chpt 28: the sex
Chpt 29: they discuss marriage and money and have more sex.
Chpt 30: they are on a boat and have more sex. Brant says 'I'll try to learn to take you only when you're ready . I'm not used to that , but I'll try' ; eve " you'll have to be patient with me. I don't like being hurt". WTF!!!
Chpt 31: Stella decides to marry rich older man George. Eve tells Marti that she will marry Brant.
Chpt 32: arrangements for the wedding. Reference to eve being afraid of Brant's cruelty.
Chpt 33: brant meets her parents. They get on well.
Chpt 34: they marry. Have sex. Go to sir Lanka for 6 months. David hears about the wedding and is angry.he has sex and anal sex with gloria.
Chpt 35: eve and brant throw civilised party. Eve is pregnant.
Chpt 36: baby born everything wonderful. Brant gets malaria and calls out for Sylvia. Eve challenges him about this. He responds by asking her if she wants to be f*****. He throws her on to the floor, holds her down with her arms pinned behind her back and rapes her, roughly. He then forcibly and painfully sodomises her but in the end she gets off on it. He apologises and says he needs time to think about whether he needs to return to his old life.
Chpt 37: eve has a drink following this attack and she realises she loves Brant - WTF!?! He comes back within hours as he misses her. She tells him she loves him. He says that's what he had been trying to tell her but he struggles to say the actual words. That's ok - just show me....

Each chapter is about 7-10 pages max. Pretty much every chapter has a gratuitous sex scene. The whole thing is just bizarre.
Maybe it is a child of the 70s with sexual promiscuity due to the availability of the pill and drugs being all the rage but i don't know how it got published.

This is car crash territory and I could not in all consciousness give it any stars.

None of the characters are remotely likeable and the men are actively hateful. The writing and the characters are emotionless and flat. You never get any sense of why they are doing any of these things. In particular the sex is generally brutal and just comes across as unpleasant. No body has any respect either for themselves or anyone else.

This is a fairly disturbing read.

I suppose my lasting reaction was WTF - literally!
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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol Storm Thank you so much for posting this. I love most of her other books and was always tempted to read this -- but now I will NOT!!!

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Lol. I can't resist...after reading your review, i need to read the book just to really believe all the wtfery that you described.

message 3: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Aha! Ha!Ha!Ha!
This is a FABULOUS review.

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