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No Longer Safe by A.J. Waines
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it was amazing

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Ok bookjunkies...picture yourself strutting...down the street...full of confidence~ you know where you are going, arms swinging..because well...that's how you roll. Then, out of nowhere, a crack appears in the road that stops you in your tracks....a huge crevass forms and you find yourself teetering on the edge of the abyss...mouth open, heart racing, fear pulsing through your veins...thinking "What the HELL just happened?!?" ....well folks, that is THIS book!!

A.J. Waines left me questioning everything I had just read when I finished this book. It was a mind-blowing, off-the-scale read for me which left me in pure and utter confusion for days. And not in the bad sense either. I was walking around, shaking my head thinking What-The-Frig? Did that really happen?! Pure literary genius!

The moment I started reading this book, my curiosity was piqued. Who is Alice? Karen? Mark and Jodie? What is the relevance of baby Mel? Why have they all been brought together? The suspense was a slow build up rather than quick, sharp rounds...and that is what stood out for me most.

Despite the even pace, I found I could not put this book down...each page left me wanting more and there was a constant nagging feeling that I would be reaching some great, big OMG moment ~ is it now?...Nope...what about now?....furiously turning the pages (ok-I have a kindle so I was clicking a button...but you get my meaning!) waiting to be smacked in the face with a big reveal. I was certainly not disappointed by the fact that it came towards the end...instead, that is what moved this book from what I thought would be a 4⭐️ to a resounding 5⭐️ review!

In terms of the characters, I was instantly drawn to Alice. It was clear that she had grown from a vulnerable and easily led individual, to a confident young women...still all to eager to please. Karen was someone I actually disliked from the get go. There was just "something" about her and baby Mel that did not sit well with me....Jodie and Mark...didn't really get them...I could see their purpose, but the story would have remained much the same whether they appeared in the book or not...ok, that was a bit harsh...I suppose they just annoyed me! Stuart also raised my eye-brows as he was one of those characters where you are not sure which side he was on...and I am not telling either!

But holy-bloody-hell...the ending...WTF WTF WTF!!! I have only read a few books which left me absolutely gob-smacked at the end....this being one of them. A.J. Waines smacked me upside the head (in the literal sense of course or else I would have pressed and seriously played the ultimate mind game on me! You HAVE to read this book!

So there it is bookjunkies...for a seriously suspenseful, mind-altering, psychologically superb -I -sh*t you not- read, grab yourself a copy of this book and join me in the readers asylum as I am still having therapy! The title says it will be #NoLongerSafe after reading this book!
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100.0% "HOLY CRAP! What just happened? Blown away by the ending. Originally I had 4⭐️'s in my head...but ...jaysus...I am gob-smacked...thinking this may be 5⭐️'s Will have to wait for my blog tour post though #SuchATease"
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Noelle Do it Karin! BUMP that book!!

Patricia Best review I have read about this book and it is absolutely spot on. May I join you in the reader's asylum??? LOL

Noelle awww Patricia! Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! And Hell Yeah...always room for one more in the asylum!

message 4: by Linda (new) - added it

Linda I just finished this 5 minutes ago and agree with your review, Noelle. I’m wondering if you believe Alice was truly guilty or if she was manipulated into being the scapegoat.

Noelle Good question, Linda. I don't want to spoil anything for readers but I will say that leaving it open to the readers interpretation was clever. 😉

message 6: by Linda (new) - added it

Linda Clever, maybe. But many readers, myself included, dislike ambiguous endings and find them annoying. I’m always suspicious that the author is leaving the door open for a sequel.

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