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The Book of the Subgenius by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
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it was amazing

Whenever I meet a literary person who hasn't read this bk & isn't even familiar w/ the Church of the SubGenius, I realize that their lives are so incomplete that I turn them sideways to see if they're still there in profile.

To set the record straight (an 8 letter word w/ only 1 syllable): being an ever-so-slightly-infamous person I sometimes run across (I try to run them over but it never works) mentions of me on the web by people who apparently "think they really know me" (reference to Gary Wilson). Such mentions might overcredit me for my involvement w/ this bk; some might speak of my contempt for the Church of the SubGenius. They're both RONG (deliberate misspelling).

One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I didn't get involved in the Church until January of 1981. If I had only been a mnth earlier, I wd've been listed as a member of the "Board of Directors of the SubGenius Foundation appointed in 1980". Instead, I'm just listed as having made "Additional Sacrifices" in 1981. At least I was immediately sainted. It's obvious that the other churches give a bum deal to their saints by waiting to exploit them AFTER they're dead. This regret haunts me to this day. No matter where I move, no matter where I hide, it haints me.

My actual contribution to the bk is small - a foto of me that someone else took of me painting a stencil that someone else made & a foto that I had taken of sd stencil not-very-convincingly seeming to form my own head. Nonetheless, I actually GOT A ROYALTY CHECK FOR $12 from the 1st edition of this. & THAT, my friend (or whatever) is as good a sign as any that the Church of the SubGenius is rooted in integrity.

This bk is SHEER (Sub)GENIUS. Let me repeat that: This bk is (Sub)SHEER GENIUS. To poorly paraphrase an interview that I gave that's in my movie entitled "B.T.O.U.C." that you'll probably never, EVER get a chance to see, "The Church of the SubGenius is out to save yr soul even though it doesn't BELIEVE in souls." & this bk does it so well that you only need to read one word of it (wch there's no need for you to even BELIEVE) in order for you to go straight past hell, purgatory, AND heaven into the far-flung reaches of the imagination.

& the GRAPHICS! I mean, HOLY SHIT!, the editors of this bk gathered together the finest talents that "Bob" cd bribe or rib or offer slack to & put them to work 24/7/20-20/20-odd-sex. This is the FINEST representative of the under-uber that most of you will ever see. & I NO what I'm talking about.
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message 1: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Do you remember the name of the woman who ran Bob's Video in B'more in the '80's? That store was the beginning of all my real pleasures watching films.

I'd never heard of Bob until I first patronized that store ~1988 and asked her who Bob was.

Tentatively, Convenience Alas, even though she was a fairly good friend of mine (some of the more obscure movies in the store were recommendations of mine), I've long since forgotten her name.

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