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The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking
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Feb 09, 2011

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This is about the unifying field theory, or the theory that will merge the 4 natural forces and will reconcile large scale physics (gravity, relativity) and the small scale (quantum physics). This book describes the history of the various theories and the discovery of how the small and large scale theories don't work together. In the middle 1900s, physicists finally were able to merge the theories of the electro-weak and electro-magnetic forces. Then later they were able to merge those with the strong nuclear force. But to merge that with gravity and to create a theory that applies in the small and large scales has produced bizarre ideas. There was super gravity, then string theory, and now M-theory which is like a collection of string theories that are blended together. Hawking thinks that M-theory may be the unifying field theory, but my question is, what the hell is it used for?

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