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Dear Professor by Blaire Drake
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really liked it

If I were to have read this book when I was in high school a couple years ago, I would have turned my nose up at this book. Because what kind of person basically whores him/herself out for money? ONE WHO IS TRYING TO PUT THEMSELVES THROUGH SCHOOL, THAT'S FUCKING WHO, YOU JUDGMENTAL, SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRICK.

As a university student, I can relate to this story so fucking much it's sad. And Law School is fucking expensive - even selling your internal organs aren't enough at times. There are actually posters all around the university about the price of internal organs - it's advertising something, I just never looked at it close enough. But I think a kidney is around 30k? Liver 40 maybe? And heart is 60, but good luck going to school once you're dead. Realistically, have fun putting yourself through any professional school with only 30k. I mean, where would the president and provost and all the other fucking administrators get the money to build a fucking staircase - within a office - that cost a 150k, if not from skinning the students alive? I honestly have so much respect for Darcy for doing what she has to in order to put herself through school. The reality of university is so much harsher than the pretty picture they paint for us beforehand. Universities have some sort of anonymous confession page on Facebook now, and last year, there were so many confessions of people cam-girling to put themselves through school. You literally do what you have to do, no shame in that. The things that go through your head when you're in university - the average Joe doesn't want to know, trust me.

And the fact that I could relate to this book so much may have been the reason why I loved it so. The fact that the prof is fucking hot doesn't hurt either.


Why this self-sabotage, I don't know. I was up until 4 finishing this, and I have an exam in 3 hours. A law one, at that. Oh, the irony!

Review after Saturday, I have 3 exams within the next 44 hours. I'm going to go break my leg, arm, face, anything for some luck now.
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Rachel Good luck!!!

Tahsin Rachel wrote: "Good luck!!!"

Thanks Rachel!

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