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it was amazing
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HAPPY SHARK WEEK EVE!! PREPARE FOR SHARK FLOATS RARRRRRRRRR!! new shark week starts SOON. old shark week has already started!


this is my january review-project, so it's gonna resurface throughout the month as i work my way through the book

okay, so this is what has happened so far!!

first of all, i am using my shark pencils to draw sharks, because i'm told that is how famous artists do it.

then i enlisted the help of sean of the house because he is good at drawing and i have never used a drawing book before (because i am a natural!) and even though there were instructions at the beginning of the book (that suggest you begin by tracing the examples), i was confused by "why do i have to draw lines i'm just gonna erase and why do i have to jam a bunch of shapes together instead of just drawing a shape like a shark??"

and sean was all "plumb lines" and "negative space" and goya quotes and i'm like MMMM, FRIJOLES!! because like a shark i am impatient and bad at listening and hungry and needing to be on the move gnash gnash gnash.

so finally i just said DRAWING TIME NOW and i drew a really chubby shark.

Great White Shark

and then i drew a somewhat better shark.

and now it is time for shark number two!!

Great White Shark

i'm not sure i even like the way sharks look in this book - they seem to have too many extraneous lines. why so many chins, shark? but whatever, i drew it anyway:

and then i colored it in all fancy:

i have decided to do just one "take" for all these sharks. i figure if i can't get it right on the first attempt, i don't deserve to be a shark sketch artist. and from here on out, i'm not gonna give away any more farms. i'll post the book's finished sharks, but not the steps on how to get there. that way, you can judge my ability to follow directions, but still hafta buy the book yourself to show off how much better than me you are. at things.

Hammerhead Shark

can you even tell which is mine and which is from the book?? hint - i am a girl!!

Mako Shark

my mako shark is not the sharpest fin in the ocean, but he means well. derrrrrr...

Whale Shark

i don't understand the mouth, i just draw it...

Basking Shark

let's hope a basking shark never commits a crime, because it would totally get away with it if the shark police were relying on my drawings to apprehend the culprit.

Nurse Shark

my nurse shark is also a vampire! and a civil war enthusiast.

Thresher Shark

this shark is angry about the state of that modesty-fin by his genitals. "what have you done to me, karen??" he wails.

Tiger Shark

i've been taking some liberties with color. it wasn't until after i'd finished this one that i realized i'd been channelling he-man's cat cringer:

Zebra Shark

a pox on thee, zebra shark!!

Blue Shark

the blue shark is a terrible snob.

Crested Bullhead Shark

thank god there are other fish in the sea. because this fish sucks.

Bull Shark

i don't think i am going to be able to fit all these sharks in the review space!! so many more to come!

Frilled Shark

a regrettable frankenshark. can't win 'em all...

Goblin Shark

okay, this is the weirdest shark in the book. true, the goblin shark is already crazy-looking:

but this drawing looks more like riff raff than a goblin shark.

and i am now pleased to respond to a special request and present the goblin king shark:

which i am further pleased to note, fortuitously replicates the goblin king bulge.

Saw Shark


Wobbegong (Carpet) Shark


Leopard Shark

so many triangles!

Megamouth Shark

i feel a certain kinship to this one. we are bellowing buddies.

Prickly Dogfish Shark

this shark lives in fear of being flushed down the toilet when he dies.

Bamboo Shark

now there's your tim burton shark, erma! and there's my chubby version of it. my sharks have always just come from a very satisfying meal.

Sawback Angel Shark

this one required me to draw a square!! NO ONE SAID THERE WOULD BE SQUARES!!!

Cookiecutter Shark

the cookiecutter shark wears lipstick to draw attention away from her freakish external vagina.

Blacktip Reef Shark

looks like SOME little shark got his fingies into the jam pot!

Sand Tiger Shark

poor sand tiger shark has clearly been dropped on the floor and glued back together all wrong.

Copper Shark

am i just being shark-racist or are all these sharks starting to look the same?

Velvet Belly Lantern Shark

what is it with this guy and shark crotch-bulge?

Porbeagle Shark

phew - photobucket is back up again! (knock wood) was that worth waiting for? i feel like maybe it wasn't. i'm supposed to be getting better at this, not worse! maybe photobucket was doing me a favor being down all day...

Spinner Shark

wheeee!! the dance of the penultimate shark!! tomorrow's the last day, guys!! snif.

Australian Ghost Shark

oh no, a ghost shark!! with - yes - a weird bulge going on back there. the perfect FINale to my journey.

so, that's the end of the january project, folks!! i have drawn all the sharks there are in the world! feel free to praise/mock/rank my sharks OR get them tattooed on your body.

just not on your bulge.


of course, before i was able to photograph this colorful school of sharks, the most apex predator of them all wandered into frame

made herself comfortable

and ate a few sharks. r.i.p., bull shark!!

see you in february!

thank you, netgalley!! now i am going to be able to draw ALL KINDS of sharks!

this is how i draw sharks now, before reading the book:

stay tuned to see if my skills improve.

come to my blog!
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message 1: by Rajan (new)

Rajan haha. netgalley is v generous

karen they were like "dear god - this girl needs to learn how to draw sharks! get her the book, stat!"

karen he is so ferocious...

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* LOL he looks like a chibi donut-shark. The one that scares me is the one without a tail.

karen yeah, i forgot to draw it when i got distracted by the fed ex guy. i meant to crop the photo when i took it, but then i got distracted by the oven timer going off.

christmas is busy.

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* I understand. I am so swamped. I took tomorrow off work, so hopefully I will get all.the.things. done tomorrow.

karen i've already done liquor store, grocery store, post office and baked three dozen cookies. now i gotta go to the bank and the grocery store again so i can come back here and bake more. fortunately - wire marathon.

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* Wow! You are in Christmas mode. I've done some shopping (hopefully I'll finish MY list of to-gets tomorrow) and am half done with my sponsor family's gift getting. I still have so much to do and next to no time.

karen yeah, but i'm way behind. i've mailed out 7 packages, but that's less than half of what i need to mail, and i still have some last-minute odds and ends for sean to pick up. and more baking and more crafting. yeesh. off to buy more brown sugar!

message 12: by Richard (new)

Richard Derus The bottom one looks like an oven mitt with red teeth.

message 14: by Jaclyn (new)

Jaclyn I would totally buy a stuffed pillow version of the UFO Vampire shark.

message 15: by Crystal (new)

Crystal I totally want that "before" pic framed to hang in my living room.

karen mark adderley wrote: "you i i'm going to kill now i i'm comeing to your home to kill"

okay well hurry up because i have to go to staples

message 17: by Ally (new)

Ally Can't wait to see the "after" pics! I imagine this is an immeasurably useful skill to master, I'm so jealous that Netgalley have given you this opportunity!

karen my career in shark wanted posters is really going to take off.

karen Crystal wrote: "I totally want that "before" pic framed to hang in my living room."

oh, and this can be arranged. i don't think the moma is gonna return my calls.

karen Jaclyn wrote: "I would totally buy a stuffed pillow version of the UFO Vampire shark."

this is also something i would like.

karen Richard Reviles Censorship wrote: "The bottom one looks like an oven mitt with red teeth."

oh, dear. you're right. help me, book!

message 22: by Anne (new)

Anne I think you've found your calling, karen. Shark-art.

message 23: by Ally (new)

Ally karen wrote: "my career in shark wanted posters is really going to take off."

I imagine it will be quite lucrative. You'll be the only one in the world and therefore highly sought after.

message 24: by Carson (new) - added it

Carson You had to read this when I'm in a huge drawing book phase. I'm talking Monster Book of Manga, Walter Foster, Chris Hart flooding my house.

message 25: by Lostaccount (last edited Dec 17, 2015 10:16PM) (new)

Lostaccount Your drawing looks like Shark Mittens

message 26: by Mir (new)

Mir Those are great mittens! If I wore mittens I would wear those.

message 27: by Lostaccount (new)

Lostaccount :)

karen i DO wear mittens! those are great, but i would probably be playing with them all the time and missing my subway stop because puppet hands.

message 29: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Peto I can see that there are four easy steps to that shark on the cover. Are they all four steps to success?

message 30: by Mir (new)

Mir How-to-draw books always make it look so easy. Never is, unless you're actually good at drawing to begin with.

karen and i am NOT!

i think they are all four-step processes, but i'm going to dive into this tomorrow and then i will know for sure

message 32: by Jonathan (last edited Dec 25, 2015 07:54PM) (new)

Jonathan Peto If you really want to increase your drawing/observational skills, The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a classic, or the old one was anyway.

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* Ohhhhh , maybe I should get how to draw shark books and just send you pictures ;)

karen you're probably way better than me. i don't wanna be a draw-er necessarily, but maybe i could become a shark-tagger... watch out, bridges!

message 36: by Mir (new)


karen did you paint that?? i gotta step up my game!

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* That's really cool!! I have never drawn or painted sharks..... Maybe for Karen, one day;)

karen !!!!!

message 40: by Mir (new)

Mir karen wrote: "did you paint that?? i gotta step up my game!"

No, that's Kandinsky.

message 41: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Peto Miriam wrote: "karen wrote: "did you paint that?? i gotta step up my game!"

No, that's Kandinsky."

Miriam Kandinsky?

karen i know so much about art. sean of the house is ashamed of my knowledge gaps. and yet i know the names of all the shirt tales so i'm a genius in some circles

message 43: by Mir (new)

Mir See, and I had never even heard of Shirt Tales. We all have our areas of expertise.

message 44: by Nelou (new)

Nelou Keramati These are actually adorable. The bottom one needs to become an oven-mitt asap.

message 45: by PC (new)

PC Love 'em, Karen! Especially the squinty-eyed one ready to devour.... ! Don't think you need to read any tutorials at all :)

karen haha thanks! i'm going to see if i can be taught. so far, so good! sorta.

message 47: by Erma (new)

Erma Talamante karen wrote: "i know so much about art. sean of the house is ashamed of my knowledge gaps. and yet i know the names of all the shirt tales so i'm a genius in some circles"

My favorite was Rick...

I am impressed by your mad shark skills, karen! Chubbs Sharky is definitely my favorite karen-shark.

message 48: by karen (last edited Jan 04, 2016 06:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

karen he looks like sloth!

digger was mine!

message 49: by Cathryn (new)

Cathryn Love it! You always make me smile. You are very similar to Jenny Lawson in that regard.

message 50: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Peto karen wrote: "he looks like sloth!

digger was mine!"

Maybe you can produce a whole book of shark - separated at births drawings. My coffee table has space for something like that!

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