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The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
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Feb 09, 2011

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Read in May, 2010

Sequel to The Warded Man, the beginning of this book focused a lot on a minor character from the first book, who becomes the other warded man, developing his life story and explaining why he is the way he is. Used flashbacks from what I can recall. Seems to be his formula: Characterization by single event that defines that person, then plot may continue. Also introduced a lot more uses of the runes/wards as a means of utilizing demon magic, and fleshed out that aspect some more. Did a good amount of world-building with the new culture of the Krasians, but even that is left sort of sketchy.
He ignored his main character from the first book a lot.
Plot worked well until the end, when it ended rather abruptly with a quick wind-up following two battles with these "mind-demons" who have come from the Core to kill the two warded men. Could have developed the mind demons better and why they were there. Also skipped over any reasons about why the major demons don't rise to the surface to feast, only the drone demons. Characterization skills definitely improved, but still you can tell he only gives a cursory amount of details to his characterization process.

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