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The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye
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This is a book for children, but I'm not in the age range it's aimed at and I love it. The writing style is really beautiful, and the imagery is amazingly good. The illustrations, which M.M. Kaye drew herself, fit the book perfectly, and it's a conventional fairy tale with a twist - a real twist, not one like many poor authors seem to think fitting.

I read this book about once a year. I can't risk it getting stale - not that it's the kind of book that gets stale, but that I don't want it actually memorized. And it's short, so if I read it as often as I wanted I'd rapidly have the whole thing by heart.

It's charming, nostalgic, and enchanting. Every third grade teacher and below should read this to their students. It's an eternally wonderful book, and I hope it never goes out of print. And if it already is, it should not be.

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M.M. Kaye
“This story was written many moons ago under an apple tree in an orchard in Kent, which is one of England's prettiest counties . . . I had read at least twenty of the [fairy tales] when I noticed something that had never struck me before--I suppose because I had always taken it for granted. All the princesses, apart from such rare exceptions as Snow White, were blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, with lovely figures and complexions and extravagantly long hair. This struck me as most unfair, and suddenly I began to wonder just how many handsome young princes would have asked a king for the hand of his daughter if that daughter had happened to be gawky, snub-nosed, and freckled, with shortish mouse-colored hair? None, I suspected. They would all have been of chasing after some lissome Royal Highness with large blue eyes and yards of golden hair and probably nothing whatever between her ears! It was in that moment that a story about a princess who turned out to be ordinary jumped into my mind, and the very next morning I took my pencil box and a large rough-notebook down to the orchard and, having settled myself under an apple tree in full bloom, began to write . . . the day was warm and windless and without a cloud in the sky. A perfect day and a perfect place to write a fairy story.”
M.M. Kaye, The Ordinary Princess

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