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Dark Dance by Tanith Lee
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Feb 06, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy

This is set in modern London (England) and sort of a gothic fantasy or horror, so the urban fantasy tag doesn't quite fit.

I almost never say this but I advise anyone picking this up to stop at the end of this book. Yes it is part of a trilogy, but I actually feel that it takes away from the subtlety and mystery of this book when things are 'explained' later.

What basically happens is that Rachaela works at a bookstore and one day receives a letter summoning her to 'The House' and her father's family, who she's never had any contact with. Eventually she goes and all decends into gothic creepyness as she tries to discover the many secrets of the Scarabae (the family) what it is they so desperately need her for.

The characters are not particularly sympathetic, but are strangely compelling all the same. This is supposed to be a vampire story but in this book isn't the turning book of the novel.

I loved the mystery and general sinister insanity of the family and the air of suspense created. Incest and madness play major roles which may discomfit some. What I liked most was that at the end Rachaela still doesn't know if the family are vampires or deluded through centuries of inbreeding, which have given them special abilities.

I've skimmed the other books in the trilogy and think it's best to read each book as a separate novel.
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