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The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
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Oh, thank gods, I thought. They’re going to leave me. All I want to do was lie in a dry prickly grass with my feet in a ditch forever. I could be a convenient sort of milemarker, I thought. Get to the thief and you know you are halfway to Methana. Wherever Methana might be.

The Thief is a high fantasy with, like any other high fantasy on this planet, a journey the characters undertake. Gen, the main character was a pleasant surprise. While I first thought he was a feminine character, I was proved wrong quite early in the story. Oops! That’s because many have compared this to Graceling and, as we know, that book’s lead character is a girl.

But I loved male Gen. I was enchanted by his quick-witted personality and humour. He wasn’t boring or tedious but instead full of surprises and… skills! I liked how he never listened to anyone telling him how worthless he was and how he was someone who would open up to others who earned his trust.

His looks were never widely described, which leaved place to some imagination digging, heh! As for the plot itself, it was long, slow and eventless. The only things that really saved it were the ending, which held many secrets and Gen himself… because he was that charming. Now I remember why I don’t read tons of high fantasy books. Oh well.

I feel like the author wanted to create a special world building filled with history and linked to the background of the characters, but it failed miserably. It’s all about the GODS people believed or did not believe in… Who they were… How they became gods… But I wanted to know more about the people themselves, the places and the kings and queens.

On a side and possibly spoiler-ish note…

I’ll have to admit I was really disappointed when I discovered that Gen was not gay… because there were TONS of signs throughout the story! Clearly, I thought he would end up with Sophos. Every time Sophos blushed… Every time Gen touched him… THERE WAS A CONNECTION BETWEEN THOSE TWO.

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Sonia AAAAHHHHH!!! You read this book!!!! You must read the second book!!!! PLEASE!! I'm sure you will love it! I love this series to death!!! You'll find out more about the kings and queens in the second one, I promise!! :)))

Jenni J Keep reading! one of my favorite series :)

Lola Should I? Continue, I mean? I heard Gen wasn't the main character in the second one.

Sonia YES. You should! He is one of the main characters, the second book is in third person point of view so it is kind of different, but I am sure you will enjoy it the way it is written and you will get to know about Gen. ;)

Hobbes These books get better... hope you don't give up on them :)

Laura Navello You should definitely continue with the series! I had the same concern but enjoyed the books a lot. The next ones deal more about the characters than a quest. Besides, you get to know more about Gen by seeing him through other people's eyes.

Holly I almost gave up on it after this book too but someone convinced me to continue. And the second book is amazing, especially the beginning, compared to this one. But then the ending still left a bit to be desired so I stopped after that. So there's that to consider too.

message 8: by Pearl (new)

Pearl Angeli Lovely review, Lola! :)

Lola Hmm, I'll think about it then. Thank you!!

Marla Mei I love this book!!! And lol at your last paragraph. Hehehe.

message 11: by Jaquan (new)

Jaquan what book is it

message 12: by Kay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kay I got the same vibes from Gen and Sophos. Glad I wasn't the only one!

Cookieface How do u even read the book it on,y gives u a preview

Grace Helen you have to either buy the book or download it illeg- I mean...for free >_> off of the Internet. Hehe

message 15: by Smote (new)

Smote I'm reading another book right now that has the same issue with two women who clearly love one another deeply and then she gets with the guy that their only connection was casting some magic together??? I'm getting tired of all this truthfully. Ahah.

Erica C I totally agree with the Gen/Sophos thing... :(

Mariammm um no i didnt feel anything like that with gen/sophos. maybe just me, but i agree with everything else you said.

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