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Makers by Cory Doctorow
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Feb 09, 2011

it was amazing

I've read from several reviewers that Cory Doctorow can see the future...and may even live there. I have come to believe that just as fervently.

This book centers on two friends, both gearheads who are genius creators, the kind of people who can look at a technology and see 10 new uses for it. We follow their stories through the all-too familiar phases of life - the dazzling promise of youth, the pressure of adulthood, and the unforeseen changes that life brings with each passing year. Things don't go perfectly for these friends, but they build astonishing things. I dare you to read about the "ride" that they create and not become absolutely fascinated by it. Mr. Doctorow isn't afraid of nostalgia, but instead of beating us over the head with it, he incorporates it into something new. The end result is an enthralling story that reaffirms the things that make us human - friendship, loyalty, and even disappointment.

I read the stories that Mr. Doctorow writes, and I'm excited to turn the next corner in the future to see these marvels he writes about. It's like the anticipation of turning the corner into the room where the Christmas presents are.

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