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Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
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Feb 08, 2011

did not like it
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Read from April 18 to May 06, 2011

Just for reference, my one-star ratings = "Author shows limited understanding of the basics of the English language - book may actually have been written by a 12-year-old sweatshop worker in Guangzhou."
Most of the issues I had with this book - the bad writing, poor characterization, the author's issues with sex and with women in general, etc. - have been covered in other reviews, so I'll skip them here. Instead, I'd like to talk about the Mud People.
The Mud People are one of the prime examples of serious WTFery in this novel. They live in an unpopulated area, they are distrustful of outsiders, they refer to people with names like "Richard With The Temper" (I'm assuming "Dances With Mud" was already taken) - it's pretty obvious where Goodkind got his rather weak inspiration. Fine. What pushes this over the edge, though, is what happens in the novel. Richard shows the Mud People how to build roofs that don't leak, they reject his alterations and return the roof to its original state, and then Richard OH SO GENEROUSLY assists them when their village is being slaughtered by an evil force that Richard and Kahlan are partially responsible for bringing to the village in the first place. Let's unpack this for a minute.
First, Richard's brilliant technological advancement consists of taking mud (which the Mud People are surrounded with), baking slates of it in a kiln (which the Mud People also have), and then laying it on the roof as tiles. You have to wonder how fucking stupid Goodkind thinks the Mud People are to not have figured this out already. This is like the Navajo going, "Well, we got as far as string on our own, but THANK GOD FOR WHITE PEOPLE or we'd never have made it to blankets!" Tile roofs - not really a complex technology. It's flat dried mud, overlaid in slats rather the same way thatched roofs are made, and the Mud People seem to have figured THAT much out on their own. So Richard's suggestion? Not really all that impressive.
And then, of course, Richard gets mad that they don't treat his suggestion with the respect and awe he feels it so clearly deserves. And then he helpfully assists the Mud People when their village is attacked by an evil force that was looking for Richard and Kahlan, so would probably not have attacked the village if they hadn't barged in in the first place. I'm not going to comment on that. It's pretty obvious what's wrong with that picture.
So there you have it. Yes, there are other issues with this book, and they are legion. But the part I will still be trying to wipe from my memory long after this waste of kilobytes has been wiped from my Kindle? The chapter on the Mud People.

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