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Fate by Amanda Hocking
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Feb 05, 2011

it was amazing

Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her. (Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened). Anyways...the big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can't be together because her "blood bond" dictates that she belongs with Peter and Peter has the right to kill her and Jack if Jack gets too friendly with Alice. This is really rough for Alice because her body tells her she belongs with Peter but her heart belongs to Jack but they can't give into each other. And the really sucky part is - Peter doesn't want her - but he will kill both of them if jack and alice's relationship goes too far.Alice feels like she is not very loved in this book, and with good reason in my opinion. Things happen to make her feel alienated from her family and her new vampire friends.

Alice deciding whether the path of a vampire is really the right path for her to take. She asks herself whether this is really the life she's meant to live, and these reflections are starkly exampled in metaphorical events that make her realize, for the very first time, that vampires aren't human. After this dawning revelation, Alice then understands for the first time that Jack and his family aren't human.

After she realizes that the Townsends are predators, new shades begins to unfold about the characters. We learn of patriarchal Ezra's past, and see that even now, although he behaves and acts pleasant for the most part, he has very cold and uncaring moments. In one sense, what semblance of humanity he's managed to hold onto cares very much for Alice; on the other hand, the vampire in him rises now and then, and cares little whether Alice lives or dies. This is the struggle for each member of the Townsend family, a duality that they struggle to control, and Alice has only scratched the surface as she continues to mindlessly provoke the demons within them.

SPOILER: in this book, theres a event where alice is walking home by herself(with no1 to protect her), and suddenly relizes someone is following her and so she is nervous and knows that if she will be to late.Read more to find out who will save her in this time of need and if the person thats following her, is really dangerous.
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