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Illidan by William King
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"Imprisoned for ten thousand years. Banished from my own homeland. And now you dare enter my realm? "

Illidan is, simply put, one of the best-ever villains and I'm pretty sure all Warcraft fans out there would agree with me. To me he's one of the most emblematic characters Blizzard ever created. And now we get to experience the story, most of us already knew from the games, through his eyes. This book gives us an insight on his thoughts, plans and intentions.

"Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated. Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot: that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced! Now go forth... unleash the tides of Doom... Upon all those...who would oppose us."

After being imprisoned for ten thousand years in a lightless dungeon, Illidan can barely remember the outside world. Califax and a contingent of night elves lead by Maiev Shadowsong keep constant guard over his cell. Nine steps, that's all he can make before reaching the other wall. But then comes an unexpected opportunity. Tyrande slays his guards and releases him. She hopes Illidan can help them fight the Scourge, that has returned to Azeroth once again. Lead by his love for Tyrande, feelings so strong that even milennia of imprisonment couldn't wash away, Illidan agrees to help. But he is not known for following orders, nor listening to someone else's ideas. Illidan has his own ways of fighting the Scourge. Ways that one might find disturbing, even treacherous.

"You are not prepared!"

Illidan: World of Warcraft is exactly what Blizzard would want out there to kindle our interest before the upcoming big events this year - the first Warcraft movie and the new World of Warcraft expansion centered around Illidan himself. William King did a great job turning an already famous story into something new and way more comprehensive. Most of the story happens from Illidan’s point of view, which is absolutely brilliant. Discovering his point of view on the events that took place in the game is something every fan looked for. The story, even though really fast-paced, develops smoothly. People who are not aware of what Warcraft is (do those even exist anyway?) might feel the world a bit confusing as William King doesn't really bother explaining much of it.

I loved the book. It brought memories of staying up all night and having great fun. The additional insight we get is, well, priceless. Ten minutes after finishing the novel I went straight to my Battle.NET account and pre-ordered the next expansion. Yeah, Illidan does things to you mind.

Hooray to Blizzard for giving us more Illidan.

You can find the Bulgarian version of this review here: http://pekazh.com/illidan-world-of-wa...
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Mike Legion is not centered around Illidan at all. He is a part of it, but the expansion is not about him. It's going to be a pretty big expansion including the titans, dragon aspects, burning legion, etc.

Florian Pekazh Yeah, you are right, but lets face it - Illidan is the one that gets most of the fans excited. It's no coincidence he's the one shown on the cover, the preorder page and most of the merchandise :)

Florian Pekazh Yeah, you are right, but lets face it - Illidan is the one that gets most of the fans excited. It's no coincidence he's the one shown on the cover, the preorder page and most of the merchandise :)

message 4: by Rus (new)

Rus Alexandru There are no more titans mate or dragon aspects for that matter. It's all about the legion and Illidan's plan to stop 'em. Read the book

Kaycee As someone who is in Alpha, Illidan is very important in Legion! Haven't seen all the raid stuff(they haven't tested all of them) but I foresee him being important in them too. The Demon Hunter Intro stuff is full of him!

Yeah no more titans, no more aspects. You got the legion and old gods left to deal with.

Florian Pekazh Not much left now - 30.08!

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