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Summer of the Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson
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Summer of the Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson

I graciously received a copy of the entire Alaskan Quest series from Bethany House in exchange for a review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review, just an honest one. :)

But, I don't need any coercion to write a positive review of this book because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

Summer of the Midnight Sun is the first book in Tracie Peterson's Alaskan Quest series.

I first got into reading books by Tracie Peterson when I read her Song of Alaska series. You can read all my reviews for the books in that series here: http://books-camilleelise4.blogspot.c...

Well, I thought it couldn't get better, but trust me, this series is EVEN BETTER!

Leah Barringer and her brother Jacob are living in the wilds of Alaska. Though it is not always easy to get by so far removed from the "comforts" of city life, Leah and Jacob would not be anywhere else in the world. Leah helps to run a small trading shop for the locals, and Jacob raises sled dogs and makes the trek to bigger cities to get supplies and bring them back for Leah's trading shop.

The book begins with Leah anxiously awaiting Jacob's return from his latest trek. If he goes too early before the harshness of winter has calmed down, it is dangerous, and if he goes too late when the snow is melting too much the sled will no longer work. Jacob is weeks late and Leah is worried for his safety.

When he shows up she is so excited that she is partially through helping him take off his coat and giving him a huge hug before she realizes it is not, in fact, Jacob, standing in her kitchen. No, it is someone different. Someone she never thought she would see again: Jayce Kincaid.

Leah's heart drops down to her feet. Jayce Kincaid. The man who stole her heart when she was a younger woman, and broke her heart when he called her a "young girl" and did not take her love for him seriously.

Not surprisingly, Leah is a bit furious with Jacob for not letting her know that he was going to be bringing Jayce back with him. But Jacob has another surprise: not only has he returned with Jayce, but Jayce has come to get good, strong sled dogs for an expedition far north to map the Alaskan territory, and he has invited Jacob to come with them since Jacob is an expert sledsman.

While making the decision about whether or not to join the expedition with Jayce, they encounter a difficulty when Jayce, untrained around the dogs, accidentally gets himself pretty badly injured by trying to break up a fight between the dogs. This forces all three of them to travel back to a larger town in order to find a doctor and hopefully save Jayce's leg. Leah is immediately able to tell how much she feels for Jayce still (though she is not willing to admit it) when she sees how concerned she is for his well-being.

They arrive and the doctor is able to help Jayce but they are forced to stay in town for a duration. Whilst there, they come across a strange woman who clearly does not fit in with the Alaskan natives and citizens: Helaina Meechem. What they do not know, but what the audience knows is that she is after Jayce as she believes his responsible for some serious theft and murder, including an attempt on her own brother's life by throwing him from a moving train and almost killing him.

Jacob can tell something isn't quite right with Helaina's story, but he cannot tell just what or why.

Is there more to Jayce's returning with Jacob than initially met the eye? What is Jayce hiding, and will Helaina be able to figure it out? How can Jayce, now a God-fearing man be responsible for such heinous crimes? Does Leah's heart still belong to Jayce, and if so, will he just reject her again as he did 10 years before?

Read Summer of the Midnight Sun to find out!

Words cannot describe how excited I am about this series. I only wish I had more time to immediately get into books two and three. But don't you fret, I certainly will!

I thought it was a beautiful period fiction book, and it has a Christian element to it as well. I definitely was not able to predict what the outcome would be, and without giving anything away I will say that the book leaves you on a cliffhanger, which on the one hand is torture, but on the other hand is enticing and exciting.

I think why I prefer this series (but only by a little) over her Song of Alaska series is because in the Song of Alaska series the books are separated by considerable time. In this series at least the first two books are directly linked with no time passing since we are left on a cliffhanger.

If you love Christian fiction, read this book. If you like historical fiction, read this book. If you like Tracie Peterson, read this book. If you like exciting series full of adventure, read this book.

There were only a few points at which I felt the religious element of the book felt a bit disjointed from the rest of the story, a bit forced perhaps, but other than that it tended to fit in really nicely.

I think Tracie Peterson has such a nice, descriptive writing style, and she is able to suck you in fully to her stories and keep you captivated. Even when the action was a bit slower, I still found myself not wanting to put the book down. It only took me a few short days to get through. :) Based on how this book left off I can guess that book two, Under The Northern Lights, is even more action-packed. But again, I do not want to give away how this book left off with the cliffhanger.

5 out of 5 stars for book one! Look forward to the other reviews as I read the next two books!

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