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Timeless by Alexandra Monir
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Feb 05, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal, heart-breaking-and-beautifully-writ
Read on August 31, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I really didn't expect to like this one so much.

It was beautiful written and amazing.

But the end confused me i didn't know how to feel sad or happy. I just don't know. Does Michele finds her Philip or in the end or was it some son or grandson of his. And if so is he really hers. That really confused me. To save his life she had to let him go, and if they really didn't stop loving each other how he can be so happy with his wife and she with this Philip from the time she is living. but Philip from the past promised her “I thought you promised you’d come back to me,” Michele couldn’t help saying as tears stung her eyes.
Philip gently wiped away her tear. “I will,” he said. “Somehow. It just might not be in the way you expect.”
And in the end I'm just feeling sad very sad. How they love so much and can't be together because he is from the past and she is from the future. And if in the future Philip son or grandson is to be with Michele how is he the real one, the one she love.

It is just so confusing, I hope the second book to explain it, but there is so much time before it is published. And i still feel very very sad......

And in the beginning while I was reading this book, it was like I am in some other world – amazing and beautiful with the dresses and everything and the feelings i felt were joy and things like that and it was amazing and now in the end i feel so confused and sad and I just hate this feeling like emptiness I want to feel like I felt in the begging of the book before Michele did the things she did to save the one she love, and before everything became so confusing....

And after I read a book that makes me feel like this I just don't wont to read for a while, because of this feeling. The same was with Forbidden and Stolen. The feeling like the end was so sad. And i really can't said if the end of this book was good or bad, happy or sad.....
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Quotes Yona Liked

Alexandra Monir
“There is nothing in this life that can destroy you but yourself. Bad things happen to everyone, but when they do, you can't just fall apart and die. You have to fight back. If you don't, you're the one who loses in the end. But if you do keep going and fight back, you win.”
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
“I've been numb for years, and I didn't realize it until after you appeared and - and made me feel something. Since then, these past two weeks I've been awake. Alive. Restless for you to return - and afraid that you wouldn't.”
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
“You are lyricist, me a composer - you and I make a complete song.”
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
I can't live in the normal world,
I'm just chasing time
I belong in that endless whirl
The place where you're mine.

Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
“I’m waiting for you,” he murmured, smiling a slow, familiar grin that seemed to hint at a secret
between them.
And for the first time, Michele and the mirror reflection were in sync as they both whispered, “Me
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
“Michele!” a voice sang out from across the hall. “Are you up? I made pancakes, come eat them
before they get cold.”
Michele’s eyes flickered open. Sleep or pancakes? That was a no-brainer. Her mouth was already
beginning to water at the thought of her mom’s specialty. She threw on a robe and fuzzy slippers and
padded through the modest house until she reached the cozy kitchen”
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

Alexandra Monir
“It had been two weeks since her first real boyfriend, Jason, had broken
up with her on the eve of the first day of school. His exact words had been “Babe, you know I think you’re
the best and all, but it’s my senior year and I can’t have the baggage of a relationship. I gotta live it up,
play the field. You get it, right?” Uh, not exactly. So Michele had to begin her junior year with a broken
heart, which grew all the more painful last week, when word spread that Jason was hooking up with a
sophomore, Carly Marsh”
Alexandra Monir, Timeless

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