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The Essential Gandhi by Mahatma Gandhi
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Feb 05, 2011

it was amazing

Such a simple philosophy on how to make the world better, adopt non-violence ('satyagraha'), renounce materiality, act on convictions and eradicate inequality, exploitation and idleness. I admire Gandhi not only because of his bold statements, his ability to inspire, his active resolve, his visionary perspectives and his articulate mind, but also because he was so humble in recognizing his own personal weaknesses. I found it so tragic that he was assassinated at a time when it seemed like all was lost as India was being split in two. I sense he knew that he was asking too much of his people, but his message still holds true for the world to listen to today.

Some of my favorite quotes:
"In my opinion, there is no place on earth and no race, which is not capable of producing the finest types of humanity, given suitable opportunities and education..."

"The law of the survival of the fittest is the law for the evolution of the brute, but the law of self-sacrifice is the law of evolution for the man."

"Passive resistance [is] an infinitely superior force to that of the vote, which history shows has often been turned against the voters themselves...Experience in South Africa shows that Indians will neither deserve nor gain the respect of their European neighbors until they give unmistakable signs of their own capacity for self-respect."

"[All] terrorism is bad whether put up in a good cause or bad. [Every] cause is good in the estimation of its champion...pure motives can never justify impure or violent action..."

"There is no such thing as slow freedom. Freedom is like a birth. Till we are fully free we are slaves. All birth takes place in a moment."

"Nature is revenging herself upon us with terrible effect for this criminal waste of the gift she has bestowed upon us human beings."

"If you could see the inner springs of actions and not the outward manifestations thereof, you would find a wonderful unity...Leave the outward expression, the doctrine, the dogma and the form and behold the unity and oneness of spirit. ..Then there will be no need to divide this universe of ours between heaven and hell, no need to divide fellow-beings into virtuous and vicious, the eternally saved and the eternally damned. Love shall inform your actions and pervade your life."

"...human nature is much the same, no matter under what clime it flourishes, and that if you approached people with trust and affection you would have ten-fold trust and thousand-fold affection returned to you."
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