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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Feb 04, 2011

it was ok
Read in February, 2011

Man...what a let down

Im not even sure how to begin this review. Generally the books that i havn't enjoyed (1 or 2 stars) are long, drawn out, and overly complicated epic fantasies. This novel is none of the above, yet it has managed to really rub me the wrong way. I can honestly say this is the only book that has every put me in a terrible mood upon completion. Im not sure i expected such a morbid and strange ending to this series. I couldn't believe how disturbing some of this book was, and not in a gruesome/disgusting way, but in the way it was just overly negative. This book is filled with death, anger, hatred, sadness, endless nightmares, disappointment...jeeze...i could keep going - but i wont.

Not only did i find this novel extremely dark, but i found a whole lot of it to be very unbelievable. I guess i can start with the fact that a "rebellion" begins with - ummmm - a girl "eating the berries". After implying Katniss' important throughout the three novels she was repeatedly thrown into live action combat and put into ridiculous situations that a person of such importance would never be placed in. I also found it hard to believe that a city with as much power as the Capitol was overthrown so easily. Speaking of the was so poorly written i could hardly get through it. If you've ever read a review of mine you'll notice i'm no expert novelist. However, when reading through the second half of this book it was nearly unbearable. All in all it the plot was too difficult to believe, far too fast paced, and overall not appealing to me whatsoever.

Lastly, before i get out of here i would like to point out that the last 30-50 pages felt too rushed. Never before have i felt ripped off at the end of a novel...well theres a first for everything. How terrible was the description of Kat's mom, Gale, Haymitch, and every other person who didn't die in the end (which leaves very few characters)??? Gale found a job somewhere in District 2. Katniss' mom is starting a hospital. Thats the extent of it. Crap.

What did i like? As you can tell, not much. However, i do feel as tho Ms. Collins tried to go against the grain here and try something new. She created a novel in which not everything turned out as it usually would. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it isn't. more Lastly.

a) How the F*** did Peeta not get murdered?
b) How the F*** did he end up with Katniss?

Sorry, but i had to.
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