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Stray by Rachel Vincent
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Feb 04, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: 2011, urban-fantasy
Read from February 04 to 07, 2011

2.5 stars. Thoughts coming up later.

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17.0% "The length of this one is a little daunting and the protagonist can be annoying but I'm liking the supporting characters a lot."

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message 1: by Ami (new)

Ami This one is on my radar but I don't have enough motivation to pick it up just yet. But your stars are not really motivating as well

Edna I don't know about this one. I can't stand the heroine much so that's obviously a problem. Also the plot and romantic elements...three strikes. Supporting characters, however, are to my liking lol.

You have any good shifter recs, preferably leaning toward the UF area? Can't seem to find any that interest me.

message 3: by Ami (new)

Ami I have yet read many UF shifter. The last ones I enjoy are Sabina-Kane (vampires) and Elemental Witches (witch, PNR). I've heard Eileen Wilks World of Lupi series (I think it's shifters) but I haven't read it yet. Do you prefer shifters than others (vampires, witches)?

Edna Thanks for those.

Yeah, I do prefer them. Not to say other paranormal beings aren't good because I do have favorites that involve vampires, ghosts, witches, etc. My top UF or PNR (Briggs, Andrews, and Singh) have shifters and so I'm always looking for something similar. Haven't found any but I'll keep looking.

message 5: by Ami (new)

Ami Yeah, I got your point. Those authors you mention are my favorites too. Though I also love demons/angels (Larissa Ione being amazing in her demons stories, and Rob Thurman) and witches/wizards (thanks to Harry Dresden). I think shifters have more fun than vampires :). OH, I have ONE for you. Try the Stormwalker series by Allyson James. She has shifters in it, though the main heroine is not a shifter ... I LOVE that one. Cannot wait for the 3rd book

Edna I don't think I've found any demon/angel series I like. I'm collecting Singh's archangel books but still haven't gotten to book 2 or 3. I tried Larissa Ione and didn't care for the first too much. :( haven't felt like trying out the next book yet.

Yep, shifters do. I love the whole aspect of pack. I find it fascinating and really fun at times. :)

I've been meaning to read Allyson James too. I'm glad to hear her series is good. I'll definitely check that one out some time when I get back into UF.

message 7: by Ami (new)

Ami Edna Lyn wrote: "I don't think I've found any demon/angel series I like..."

That's too bad. I think you need to have a kind of interest to them, to like them. I LOVE Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter and Larissa Ione's Demonica. Cannot wait to read the next books about those.

I think give Allyson James a try. Hey, maybe you'll love it and we have another series that we both like. At the moment, I'm still on Anya Bast and Kate Carlisle. The last being a writer of a cozy mystery series

Edna There's a good chance I'll like Allyson James. I read a historical romance she wrote under the pen name Jennifer Ashley and loved it (it even made it on my favorites of 2010 list). :)

message 9: by Ami (new)

Ami Yeah, I know that she writes as Jennifer Ashley. IN FACT, there is one shifter story from Jennifer Ashley called Pride Mates ... which I think you might want to check as well. It's about shifter, which you are looking for, right? I haven't read that one, still have too many books on my hand

message 10: by Edna (new) - rated it 2 stars

Edna I know she has a paranormal series about a witch (at least the first book). I had no idea about the shifter one. I will have to take a look at that one too. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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