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Possession by Jennifer Armintrout
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Feb 04, 2011

really liked it
Read from February 05 to 06, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Possession changes perspectives between Carrie and Cyrus and Max during the book which can be a little confusing. The best part of the book is the change that Cyrus goes through during his captivity. His transformation from a brutal monster to a human is fascinating. The relationships between the characters are complicated and layered in ways that many authors don’t bother with.

(Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!..Beware)


Cyrus/Simon Seymour: dead but got reincarnated by the soul eater and dahlia,human,carrie's first sire,being kept at a church by The Fangs,
long white-gold hair covered his shoulders,from England,truely cares for stacey,turned into a good guy,gave himself a haircut,twenty-seven when turned, lean and pale,doesnt know why or how he can feel carrie,did it with stacey,didnt want anyone to find stacey's body so told carrie to burn the church invluding the body down(it was suriously sad when carrie finds out he truely loved stacey but shes already gone),goes with carrie,blue eyes,stays in nolen's house with carrie..bella..max..and tied up nathan for awhile,did it with carrie(but stoped b/c of guilty feeling),during the ritual he headed to go kill his father,went to hospital with bella,went to live on his own after nathan's possession was over.

Jacob Seymour/The soul-eater: cyrus's dad,eats one vamp's soul per yr to satifie his metabolism for the year,spends most of the year sleeping in the coffin,wants to be a god,vampire,trying to eat all his fledging's souls,wants to take cyrus's soul(thats the only reason he had him raise from the dead).

Elsbeth: cyrus's dead wife,killed by the soul eater,loved truely by cyrus but didnt return it,auburn curls,delicate features.

Angie: wide shoulders,smoker,soul eater payed her to raise cyrus from the dead,vampire,killed by carrie.

'The Mouse'/Stacey Pickles: plain brown hair,paper-white skin,stays with cyrus in the church,human,best friends with Father Bart and Sister Helen(who are dead dead),long slender legs,brown eyes,an orphan,parents had both died,imfluenced cyrus into a good guy,valued by cyrus,Nineteen,did it with cyrus,killed by the fangs when the fangs found out cyrus was gone.

Jacob Seymour: Cyrus's father and Nathan's sire,cannibalized other vampires, consuming their blood and their souls to stay alive after years of maniacal acquisition of power had taken their toll on his metabolism,reincarnated cyrus,possessing nathan by showing nathan images of what nathan should regret causing nathan to do something he regrets.

Dahlia: powerful witch,got herself turned by a vamp at the NewYears party(last bk),was talking to bella(telling her guesses of where nathan might be),meets max again in this book,made him do her in the last book when he was sent to her room by cyrus's guards,had a vision involving Louden and Hudson and the virgin mary(hints bout where cyrus is).

Carrie: nathan's fledging,nathan's lover,vampire,turned at twenty-eight,goes to Madrid with max to tlk to the movement about what happened to nathan,kissed max when dreaming(he was trying to wake her up and she was dreaming about kissing cyrus),pale blond hair,strong-boned face,goes to find cyrus while max goes to find what happened to nathan,somehow got connections to cyrus's too,sneaked into the church and stole cyrus while stacey was showering,blue eyes,did it with cyrus(not cheating),while marianne's soul was in her during the ritual..carrie went in marianne as in carrie sees the night marianne dies through her eyes,broke up with nathan,goes to Chicago with max to spend time away from nathan.

Nathan: carrie's sire,carrie's lover,vampire,turned at thirty-two, Dark hair, gorgeous gray eyes, a body so toned and hard he looked like he'd been a statue of a Greek god in a past life,owns a bookstore,has sigils all over his hands,attacked a person/slashed their throat,movement wants him dead,possessed by the soul eater,was found in cemetary by max,concious sometimes mostly not,after the ritual the possessed-ness stoped,got mad and broke up with carrie,stays home.

Ziggy: died in last book,nathan's donor,like a son to nathan,died but got reincarnated by the soul eater into a vampire,gay.

Marianne Galbraith: nathan's dead wife,human,soul was called forth from the astral plane for a short time by bella,soul goes into carrie's body for a bit talking to nathan and forgiving him before leaving,wanted to die,had a diesease in her,Scottish lilt voice.

Max Harrison: part of the movement,vampire,short blond hair,helps find nathan,goes to Madrid with carrie to tlk to the movement about nathan,was sent to kill nathan by movement,goes to find what happened to nathan while carrie goes to find cyrus,likes B positive blood,had the best twenty minutes of his life with dahlia(last book),hates dahlia but at the same time enjoys the sexually active stuff,found nathan then lost him,goes on mission with bella to find nathan and fix him(if they could),has it with bella on nathan's kitchen floor,drugged nathan and cuffed him in his room,blue eyes,nathan's consent during the ritual,goes back to chicago with carrie.

Marcus: max's sire,died,killed by a assasin that used max to get to him.

Amanda: slender, friendly-looking vampire,flight attendant.

Miguel: matred',a handsome, haughty young man,vampire,front line at the movement.

Anne: works at front desk in the movement in spain,black hair, pale skin,vampire,lets carrie go see the oracle,broke her spine while in room with a agitated oracle.

General Breton: officer of the British Army,vampire,British voice, iron jaw,in his late-thirtys,long-wheat colored hair,long straight nose,stone-like gray eyes,sent a kill order,withdrew order of killing nathan from max and gave the task to some1 else.

Bella DeCesare: woman, tall and slender,gold eyes, black hair fell down her back in a perfect, waist-length braid,only assain that can travel commercials,hates max(and max hates her),has the task to kill nathan,left a little 'gift' on carrie's and max's jet so they can know she has a head start on the kill bill,attacked by nathan,saved by max,finds out nathan was possessed after nathan attacked her,goes on mission with max to find nathan and fix him,knows max is attracted to her,has it with max(if u know what i mean) on nathan's kitchen floor,drugged nathan and cuffed him in his room,called forth the spirits of the afterlife to release marianne's soul for awhile,took cyrus to hospital,goes back to spain.

The Oracle: a vampire, a really old one,knows everything,dangerous,can do telekinesis,bald head,slender limbs,unpredictable,three horns on head,is kept in a tank filled with blood,tells carrie cyrus is back,tells carrie to 'Seek the toothsome ones in the land of the dead.'(the toothsome ones are The Fangs and the land of the dead is Death Valley),told anne a long time ago anne's spine will break.

Ruby: waitress at a diner.

George Gordon/Lord Byron: British,biker carrie ment at the diner,writer,vampire,going to Death Valley with another biker for inspiration on a new book,staying at St. Anne's(where cyrus is being kept),helps carrie on updates about cyrus/when his buddy is arriving to get cyrus,helps carrie get to cyrus in exhange for him writing a book about her,getting a ride to the next town so the fangs cant find him since they'll know hes helping carrie.

Penny: woman who appeared to be in her forties, with puffy, bleached-blonde hair and lipstick far too light for her orangey tan,giving a ride to byron to the next town so he doesnt get killed.

March: short,curved woman with long, springy gray curls cascading over her shoulders,owns the brothel(where young pretty men let vampire womens feed of them for donors),her sire was jacob seymour,keeps vamps hostage and murders them in their sleep,gave carrie supplies she'd need on her continuing trip and newspaper.

Evan: one of the donors at the brothel,gorgeous, with long blond hair and a tan that would make Icarus weep with jealousy,o positive,volunteers to give carrie blood,broad shoulders,human,tall,wanted to turn so took carrie's blood while she fainted but got caught by the physican.

-The Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement was a harsh, totalitarian organization demanding the death of vampires who didn't live by their strict code.
-There are spells, called glamours, that make a person see what the caster wishes them to see.
-Safe rooms are rooms when a stranger goes in the movement building and vampires have 30 secs before the UV rays come on frying any vamp roaming the halls.
-It takes a collection of souls to become a god.
-Dark Night of the Soul goes way back. It started out as a spell to test the faith of a shaman or mystic. Basically, it forces them to live the most troubling, painful moments of their life over and over. The only thing that keeps them from going mad is the strength of their mind and their belief in the training they've received.Only faith would break the spell.

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