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My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent
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This book felt like pure filler, like it wasn't a novel in and off itself but something meant to bridge between this and the next book. I was bored by a lot of the inaction, which isn't something I've experienced in the series before. I've felt a lot of things about Rachel Vincent's writing and I didn't particularly like the main character in her adult series, but I've never felt quite so blah and bored before.

A new character, Sabine, was introduced with little to no finesse. It felt like Vincent dropped a sack of flour down and decided that was enough, mission accomplished, except the sack of flour was a girl who irritated me to no fucking end. It felt like Vince couldn't move the story forward any other way. Sabine's presence, her back history with Nash, her entire personality -- it all felt way too convenient. Everything about Sabine was designed for DRAMAROAR in the main character's life. It wasn't helped by how the main character felt like Sabine was a punishment from God. Seriously, flat out addressing the randomness and how awful Sabine was just felt like knocking on the fourth wall and playing too the audience. It didn't make Sabine feel more natural which was clearly the purpose.

Even Tod, whom I've liked before, had awkward scenes that felt inserted for relationship drama with no other purpose. He suffered from some personality whiplash in the story, filling whatever role Vincent needed him to fill at that particular moment.

Step one: Tod was on Kaylee's side against his brother for all the horrible, horrible things he did to her.

Step two: Tod notified Kaylee about Sabine's true nature so his brother couldn't lie to her some more/she would be safe.

Step three: Tod drags Kaylee to spy on Sabine and Nash so she can see the true nature of their relationship, seemingly so that she can see their bond wasn't just about sex and him rejecting any sexual overtures she made.

Step four: Tod informs Kaylee that she is destroying Nash's life by not letting him go off and frolic with Sabine because he so clearly belongs with Sabine. He tells her that the shiny and new has worn off her relationship with Nash and she's never going to get it back so she might as well toss him to the literal Nightmare who has plagued her life because that is the loving, caring, and unselfish thing to do! Despite his brother really only wanting a second chance with Kaylee and only getting clean from his drug addiction so he can be with Kaylee. (Tod now feels despite being all of Nash's motivation for getting clean Kaylee is now interfering with his sobriety.)

Either Rachel Vincent slowly destroyed the integrity of Tod's character for the sake of relationship!dramaz or Tod is in love with Kaylee and courting her in a pretty amoral fashion, pretending concern for her and his brother.

The messed up thing is I have NO IDEA which it is. Seriously, flip a mother freaking coin.

This book felt blah, fillery and I think the character integrity was severely damaged in the process. I'll probably stick with the series enough for book five but unless there's a lot more clarity and some fast banking upward I'm checking out of the series and possibly out of Rachel Vincent as a writer.
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