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How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer
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Feb 03, 2011

it was amazing
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With a great and involving narrative, How We Decide, present great stories about airplane maneauvers, football quarterbacks, sonar reading and more, to dive into how our decisions are made and why they are made as such.

The book explores how our mind works and why intuition is a good option for everyday decisions, like choosing what we like best for house decoration or even a new house, as it relies on what we feel and capture in our "emotional brain" that can compute so many more gariables and options than meets the eye.

It also shows our mind can play trick on us, by taking intuitive decisions when we don't really have enough references or experiences regarding tye variables at stake for the decision.

The book shows that we like to believe we are rational and precise persons, but that, as experiments show, we are nothing but emotions and sentiments trying to be controlled by our "new brain", our reason, that has a hard time doing so.

The book ends examining what it calls the great fallacy of decision making: certainty. That when you are so certain of something to be true that you don't even bother to stop and question your choice.

A great book and excelent approach on psychology. Useful for managers, designers and just about any professional that deals with choices and decisions.

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