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Moby Dick by Herman Melville
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Feb 03, 2011

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February 3, 2011 –
page 9
1.76% "dove in after the announced continuous reading of the book scheduled for next Friday. and I wonder, how, how, could I have given this up when I was a teenager? It's gripping and gorgeous, full of images that leap off the page and pull you in, laughing, even though it's dark and turgid and roiling. "he too lives like a Czar in an ice palace made of frozen sighs, and being president of a temperance society, he..."
February 6, 2011 –
page 22
February 8, 2011 –
page 29
5.66% "who wants desperately to get a good book on new bedford in the 1850s after this first bit? and queeqeeg! he is almost too preposterous to be born. oh I love this book."
April 4, 2011 –
page 33
6.45% "the alliteration feeds my starving soul. is this not Sir Gawain? ... 'And in August, high in air, the beautiful and bountiful horse-chestnuts, candelabra-wise, proffer the passer-by their tapering upright cones of congregated blossoms..." ... "fathers, they say, gives wales for dowers to their daughters, and portion off their nieces with a few porpoises a-piece." it's wonderful."
January 4, 2012 –
page 56
10.94% "I'm quite sure that, were any of the Republican presidential candidates to truly embrace (heh) the story of Queequeg and his relationship with Ishmael, they would look entirely differently on the Christian values to which they say they embrace. now HERE is Christianity in all its Christ-ness."
January 13, 2012 –
page 61
11.91% "I thought the Nantucket description was the best description of anything, ever, until I read the description of the Pequod, and I just had to stop before I got to Ahab because how much better will THAT be? I needed to savor Nantucket and Pequod in my mind, for at least overnight, first."
January 14, 2012 –
page 80
15.63% "perhaps no one had ever done foreshadowing until Melville did foreshadowing. he does not just foreshadow but paints black, sloppy marks on the symbols and images. He says the thing over again and again until you're sure, sure, sure you've got it. oh! Melville! here's Ahab: "He's a grand, ungodly, godlike man, Captain Ahab; doesn't speak much; but when he does speak, then you may well listen." ears open, Herman."
January 15, 2012 –
page 98
19.14% "Melville, you absolutely *kill* me! Kill-e me, I mean! You with your 200- word-long sentences and your footnotes like this: "1 see subsequent chapters for something more on this head." you're in luck, too: maybe it was 30-some years after your death, but whaling now has its famous author, its famous chronicler. "no dignity in whaling? The dignity of calling the very heavens attest.""

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sarah gilbert ...only drinks the tepid tears of orphans. (n.b.: this isn't my edition, but is the closest in # of pages and format I could find.)

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