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Learning to Swear in America by Katie     Kennedy
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really liked it
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Okay so WOW I really enjoyed this one! I went in knowing exactly nothing about it, which did lead to a few mis-expectations...aka. I thought I would really learn to swear in American. I did not. Or at least I learnt to swear so lowkey and only for, like, 2 paragraphs that I'm beginning to think Americans are a little bit soft and squishy with their swearing. (Australia REPRESENT right now, mate.) But anyway. This is about Russian boy-geniuses and it is an absolute bucketful of SASS and also everyone is going to die by asteroid hitting the earth. Like, mate. I love everything about this.

I really really really like it when books are pleasantly delicious surprises!!

So Yuri was an absolute DELIGHT. I loved how he was socially awkward and also how a lot of cultural differences came to knock him around. Like his boss is all "humour them" and Yuri's like "ok what jokes shall I tell." HE IS PRECIOUS. And so so soooo super awkward and I love books about awkward boys. Plus he's Russian and super smart and adorkable and I just 5000% enjoyed his narration. Excellent voice! Excellent!!
I also liked the little notes on the Russian cultural and language differences. It explained a lot of stuff!! It was interesting!! LIKE.
I also couldn't be more pleased with the level of NERDOM going down. And I'm going to also admit here that: I haven't the faintest flying clue what they were talking about with all the math. You know who failed math? Me. But I can still appreciate it. It's really cool to read about books so heavily grounded in math and physics!
It felt really REAL with all the research! And while the author's note cautions us to not stop asteroids using Yuri's math....it is detailed as heck about how they do go ahead trying to have the world from the asteroids hitting. I LIKE DETAILS.
Also the secondary characters were amazing and precious. Basically Yuri gets tangled up with the janitor's daughter on accident and then SHE SAVES HIM and it just becomes this super-cute-fest. Also Dovie is not skinny (!! so refreshing to read) and she is like a hippy and super sarcastic and ironic the whole time. I absolutely adored her! And then her brother, Lennon, features a lot in the story too. He has a snarky commentary going on in the background that is just BRILLIANT. Also Lennon is in a wheelchair. And since I can count on like one hand how many books I've read with wheelchair characters....I'm pretty excited about this.
And it was pretty tense too! Some of the chapters just about math had me realising I was dying on the inside. HOWEVER. I can reform and rise again from the grave to enjoy all the dorky chapters or where Yuri experiences highschool and Yuri's commentary on American food. And there's dark stuff looming over them, aka death by asteroid, and Yuri also has high stakes and it was just really GREAT the whole time.
I didn't want to put it down! Except I did because I had to go eat dinner and food is more important than Yuri. #SorryButIHavePrioritiesTho
ALSO SO MUCH LAUGHTER! I actually snort-giggled at some lines. The quips and banter were gold. I'm so so impressed!!

Okay so I did mention...wtf was going on with the math. I DON'T KNOW! This isn't a criticism on the book, I just legit had no idea what they were talking about with the science-y chapters.
Dude, they really didn't swear. I'm just calling it...false advertising.
It was a smudge slow.
Kiiiiind of don't understand some things that happened at the end. For instance (view spoiler)

ALL IN ALL: I was absolutely smitten with this book of geniuses, bad pizza, asteroids, world doom, and extremely awkward boys who can still sass you back. So much impress!!! Definitely a story that will stay with me and the characters were super awesome. I am HIT (har har, get it?? because asteroid??? I'M FUNNY) with a deep appreciation for Learning To Swear In American. Even if I didn't much learn to swear much, and I didn't learn much Russian either tbh. What disappoint. DAY-UM.
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message 1: by Whitney (new)

Whitney Grace Now I really want to read this! However, I think I'm going to wait until the beginning of next year. Partially because my school library probably won't have it until then; partially to get me pumped for AP Physics and AP Stats. I do like math and physics, especially in books, so I guess that's a plus for me.

C.G. Drews @Whitney: Yay! I hope you like it. :D

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