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Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead
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After five books, I find that I no longer like or have any sympathy for either the heroine or the hero and cannot face the thought of another book full of sickly sweet soliloquys about how lovely and wonderful Seth is and how cute he looks in his quirky t-shirts with his messy hair, which one might expect from a love-sick pimply teenager but not from a millenia old denizen of hell, for crying out loud. In fact, I could barely drag myself through this last instalment, skipping whole chunks and pages along the way.

The shining beacon of goodness that is Seth never really did it for me (even Dante's style was more of a turn on) but now he has gone from merely pathetic to just plain detestable.

There is no real character development with Georgina. She is pretty, she loves wallowing in misery of the o woe is me variety and she loves Seth but can't help cheating on him from time to time. There is nothing else to her and it doesn't look like there will be. The woman does not learn, despite having lived for millenia and having reapeated the same patterns over and over again the entire time.

Moreover, it has now become pretty obvious where all of this is heading and the big reveal, when it does come, will, I am pretty sure, be somewhat underwhelming, if only for the fact that it is now at least two books overdue.

I am undecided whether to read the last book when it comes out. On the one hand, I am so fed up with Georgina and Seth, that I really don't want to go anywhere near it. On the other hand, having read 5 of the books in the series, I feel I may as well trudge through it just for the sake of completeness so I can draw the curtain on the whole thing (so to speak) never to go back to it again.
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natercopia "The woman does not learn, despite having lived for millenia and having reapeated the same patterns over and over again the entire time." YES!! The 5th book and still whining. It's a wonder she still have friends.

One star and putting this under junk? LOL that's harsh. I think you should read book 6 to end the whole Georgina saga, "for the sake of completeness."

Gloria Mundi I wasn't trying to be harsh but this series just degenerated into repetitiveness and fluff and Georgina irritated me no end. Is the last one out now? I might be up for it now that I have had some time to cool. :)

message 3: by natercopia (last edited Jul 14, 2011 08:03AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

natercopia Yeah, I know. Actually I find it too darn hard to sympathize with her. You still have another a month plus to cool off. According to her website, the book is available August 30. Read it ok? And finish off the damn series. By the way, check this out, Mead wrote book 2.5 (Georgina Series). Sigh.

Gloria Mundi I don't think I can handle 2.5. Have you read it? Does it add anything to the story?

natercopia Nope. I might though. I didn't like book 2 but I gave a high rating for book 3 because Mead didn't glorify immortality like some paranormal romance book. I would read it for Carter, Georgina's friends and Roman. Although, the synopsis 'that her hands-off romance is only going to get harder and harder.' kind of not want me to endure the whole Seth-Georgina saga again. Oh well, we'll see.

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