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So Sure Of Death by Dana Stabenow
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Feb 02, 2011

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bookshelves: nature, mystery, romance-mystery

relationships - Liam and his father... Liam and Wy... Wy and Liam... Wy and her adopted son

Liam's father is disappointed in his son... disappointed that he does share his love of flying (in fact Liam is terrified of flying), and that he did not join the Air Force... and Liam is slightly embarrassed by his father's penchant to seduce any and all women... and Liam's father is in town, at the nearby air force base..

Liam and Wy have not spoken for 3 months since their arguement where past hurts are aired... but both are thinking about the other... when they are finally in a plane together, Liam impulsively pushes the throttle and demands that Wy land... and he carefully explains and apologises... his explanation is touching, halting, and ... and they start to make out and passion flashes... but Liam pulls back and tells her he wants it all with her, committment, marriage, a life together, and will wait for her to be ready... and Wy's mentor maybe father Max is pushing her to confront her feelings for Liam,and that Liam is a good man.. and then her friend comes by and also grills her, and accuses her of being a martyr in the beginning to a relationship that had no where to go... and that now that he is available, she's too frightened to its possibilities...

and Wy continues to learn what it is to be a parent, and both she & Liam are happy when Tim turns to Liam...

and there are two sets of murders... on a fishing boat a family & crew are dead, burnt, and the boat starting to sink... and on an archeologist's site, Wy and the archeologist find his assistant dead... and Liam has two men in jail for each... at the site, it is a drunk native that he & Wy catch driving away from the scene (where he had knocked out his co-trooper and shot the archeologist in the arm) - and Liam captured him by jumping out of the plane into a lake & jumping in front o the truck... and then Liam had discovered that the husband and wife had both been having affairs at the local hotel, though discretely with no one knowing who they were there with... and the man, a tribal chief, who claimed to having an affair with the wife killed them all when she broke it off...

The truth ends up to be that the archeologist killed his assistant, and then tries to kill the newspaper reporter & Wy when they seem to be getting close to the truth... he killed his assistant because the assistant found a storyknife that would disprove the theory of the archeologist... and the man having the affair was sad when the wife broke it off because she was pregnant, and wanted to recommit to her husband... and he told his father, who when drunk went to the boat and shot everyone them... and his son returned tothe boat to try to destroy the evidence and protect his father, 1st by trying to burn the bodies, then by trying to sink the boat... when Liam returns to the town, because the son's confession doesn't quite sound right, he is hit over the head... and they chase the father and he disappears in the walrus island...

And Wy shows up to the dinner Liam is having with his father - a show of support - and they talk afterward, and share an intentional kiss - one that is not hurried and impulsive... and decide to date... and Liam realizes his father is there because he is burying lethal waste near the town, and he blackmails his father to take out the bad stuff and stop doing this illegally...

And Wy and Liam have their date, on the beach roasting hot dogs... and they make love, intentionally... and then Wy's friend's brother shows up - whom she once had a thing for ... hmmmm

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