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Dear George Clooney by Susin Nielsen
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** spoiler alert ** Violet Gustafson (12) is pretty angry with her parents. Her dad had an affair with a younger, prettier, blonder woman, and left them to move to LA, where the younger, prettier, blonder woman gave birth to twin daughters. Violet doesn’t have anything against her baby stepsisters, but she can’t stand Jennica, and her dad makes her so mad she wants to spit. “For the Record,” she states in the very first line, “I did not mean to send my two half sisters to the emergency room.” Uh-oh.

Violet’s mom, on the other hand, was really hurt by her husband’s betrayal, but her efforts to erase her sadness and find a new man have turned her into a serial dater. And the men she’s dated? Horrifying. Violet is pretty sick of being subjected to all of these losers and the disappointment they inevitably leave in their wake. After mom starts dating Dudley Wiener – whom Violet thinks is a real dud – Violet decides to help her mom find a proper man, like, say, George Clooney. So she starts writing letters to George, hoping to get past his management company and attract his attention. What ensues is both hilarious and heart-breaking.

Violet’s conflicted feelings are very real – she still loves her dad, but she’s having the worst time forgiving him for what he did. He’s unfaithful and untrustworthy in his relationships. And, while Violet wants her mom to be happy, it’s also really hard to let yet another unworthy man into their lives. Violet wants to protect them all from the kind of fallout broken relationships bring. Sometimes Violet and her friends seem a lot older and wiser than their 12 years – Violet’s thoughts and some of the things that come out of her mouth are pretty surprising – but they’re dealing with some pretty big adult problems. Funny and twistingly sad at times, you will come to love this cast of characters in all of their broken, tarnished glory.

“Your mother and I are going to live apart for awhile,” Dad announced a week later. He’d taken me on a bike ride to La Casa Gelato. We were sitting outside, and I was working my way through a massive cone of Rocky Road. (Phoebe told me later that my choice of flavors was psychologically significant. Her parents’ profession couldn’t help but rub off on her somewhat.)

“Why?” I asked.

“It has nothing to do with you, sweetie. It’s just that sometimes adults…they fall out of love.”

“You’ve fallen out of love with Mommy?”

“Not exactly. I still love her. I always will, in a way.”

“But you love the blonde lady with the boobs better.”

There was a pause. “Jennica. Her name is Jennica.” (p. 33)

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Tami this looks like a fun book.

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