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The Terror of Living by Urban Waite
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Feb 01, 2011

really liked it
Read from February 01 to 02, 2011

This book has been compared to No Country For Old Men, and that’s a fair comparison. The plot and writing style are both similar and I say that as a huge, huge compliment, because I loved NCFOM (book and movie). In The Terror of Living, we follow several different narrators as they circle around each other. It’s primarily the story of a drug drop gone bad and (like NCFOM) is an excellent cautionary tale of why getting involved in things like this is a bad idea.

Phil and an accomplice (never named) are supposed to pick up a packet of heroin. Unfortunately for them, Bobby Drake (and that would be Deputy Bobby Drake, if we are being formal) is hunting nearby. When he sees the helicopter drop off what could only be drugs, he goes to find the people responsible for picking them up. Phil manages to escape; the kid’s not so lucky. So now Phil is being trailed by the law.

This wouldn’t be so bad except that he’s ALSO being hunted by Grady Fisher, the scariest man ever. Grady’s got a fondness for knives, you see. And that’s all I want to say about that because it’s late at night.

The pacing is excellent. You know going in that things are going to fall apart, so most of the book is spent going from unease to actual dread. I loved Phil and Bobby and feared Grady the way I have feared few people not featured in a Stephen King novel.

And speaking of Stephen King, he calls this “a hell of a good novel.” I couldn’t agree more.



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