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Fury by Shirley Marr
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I was hooked on this from the first page-- It was like reading about The Heathers murdering someone. A bunch of rich, spoiled high school girls are picked up for murder and the entire book flits back and forth between the main character, Eliza, harassing a psychologist who is attempting to elicit her story and flashbacks to the days leading up to the crime as Eliza actually shares the backstory. It was interesting to read a book in which we already know the killer from page one, nay, from the back cover. It did not ruin the excitement of the unraveling and I actually began to feel sympathy for Eliza despite her heinous personality. (okay, maybe only an inkling of sympathy but still…) Most of the characters in Fury are rather unlikeable but I still found a relationship to enjoy throughout the entire book—that of Eliza and Neil, childhood friends whose snarky but endearing friendship might not be as strong as it once was but the foundation is still there and I loved when Neil showed up in the storyline. (view spoiler)

The high school scenes in this book felt like a combination of Rushmore and Courtney Summers’s Some Girls Are and Cracked Up To Be—in that they seemed to live in Stepford and everyone was a bitch. Even the guys, who had names like Alistair Aardent. Speaking of names, what the heck was up with the plethora of Jane Austen names up in here? Eliza, Marianne, Ellanoir Dashwood (that is not a misspelling on my part)? Obviously Jane Eyre wasn’t Austen but Eliza’s nemesis is named Jane Ayres. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky but I would’ve enjoyed this book even more if everyone had original names and I didn’t get the feeling that Shirley Marr has a hard on for Jane Austen. (because seriously, a lot of us do)

The ending of this book is absolutely unsatisfying. And I can’t write about it without spoilers so I’m just not going to. Just know going into this one that some threads will be left hanging. Recently, Kat started a discussion about the differences between the Aussie and US legal systems when it comes to the treatment of minors. I was at a complete loss about a lot of what was going on—why did she have no advocate? Why was she being questioned without a parent or lawyer present? What are the procedural due process rights for Australians? I’m pulling out my hair here! Do they have a bail system? Too.many.legal.questions.

Anyway, I found this book entertaining. It is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. I feel like this review bites the big one but whatever, you can’t win them all. (unless you are in Pleasantville before it turned to color…because everyone knows they DID win them all before Reese Witherspoon gave Paul Walker a BJ)

P.S. This cover rocks. Three cheers for relevancy!
P.P.S. Thanks to Missie at The Unread Reader for putting this unobtainable Aussie book on tour in the US.
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Nicole any hint on your star rating?

Flannery I'm still thinking about it:-/ I'll definitely post the review tomorrow. (view spoiler)

Nicole Actually, it impressed me. A for effort to annoy. :)

Nomes love that spoiler.

one of the best i have seen around.

message 5: by Jessica (new) - added it

Jessica I agree. I laughed out loud when I klicked on it ^^

message 6: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey Wow. Confusing for someone who went to law school? I'm sure I'd be lost. And I've even watched a courtroom drama or two! Talk about experience.

Flannery Nah, I bet it wouldn't bother someone who doesn't wonder about crap like that. *pushes up nerd glasses* I bet you'd like it.

Wendy Darling Okay, the Jane Eyre stuff confuses me...but the book sounds pretty fun regardless! Mean mean mean to tell us about a book that's unavailable to us stateside, though. *frowns disapprovingly*

Wendy Darling PS--what is it about all the Aussies in YA lit recently? There's a gold mine down there!

message 10: by Flannery (last edited May 20, 2011 12:29AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery I think we all got addicted to Melina Marchetta and several Aussies on here have got us hooked now. And Nic is running an Aussie YA Challenge this year on her blog that a lot of us are participating in. As a non-Aussie, I only had to read 6 Aussie YA books this year and I've already done more than that. They are way more consistent than ours but probably because there are far fewer published and an even fewer number are accessible to US audiences. I'm so happy Missie gave me the chance to read this one:)

Kat Kennedy Simple answer: Australians are awesome. The End.

Nomes yes! i love the cover too! she had some absolutely FANTASTIC covers made up before they chose this one. you should check them out:



and i agree about the legal thing. but i guess the whole community felt so different it was almost other-worldy (if you get what i mean)

i think shirley said she wrote a different ending but in editor edits they decided to make it more ambiguous...

message 13: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic She did have a slightly different ending. When I interviewed her this is what Shirley said

What was the most challenging part of writing Fury?
Having to change the ending for sure! I actually had an entire chapter that said a lot more and had more of a sense of resolution. Me and Melissa agreed that a quick and hanging ending would be much better. It just took me a while to get used to because in my head the story played out (and still does sometimes) the way I had originally planned. It was a hard decision to make, Melissa was a bit gutted to change it because Eliza does something funny and cute in the original ... but you have to sometimes Kill Your Darlings.

She also said (view spoiler).

I am glad you enjoyed this book Flannery. Fury is pretty awesome :)

karen goddammit - can't get it into the store...

karen its not in print here...

Flannery Thanks Nic and Nomes--I'm glad you could shed some light on the ending and the cover:)

karen & Tommy--I hope this gets picked up by a US publisher. It's a helluva lot better than a large amount of YA that gets published. Plus, who could resist that cover? Badass.

karen WANT.

message 18: by Missie (new)

Missie Quick FYI for those interested in getting a copy of the book: I purchased Fury from Fish Pond. Of all the online Aussie bookstores I researched, they offered the most reasonable rates for shipping to the U.S. though it was still kind of pricey. Guess that can't be helped.


Goodread reviewers are more than welcome to request to review my copy of the book through Go Aussie Book Tours.

We've got a few other YA Aussie books available as well, with more to come.

Thanks for your review Flannery. Next time I see you around, I'll do my best to suppress my JA hard on. :P

Milly definitely a different legal system in Australia..oh and it's anthropologist doing the questioning! I thought that was quite interesting. I bet this really aggravated you, being that you're a future lawyer and all Flann! :)

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