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Dragons of Winter Night by Margaret Weis
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Jan 31, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy

** spoiler alert ** There was so much going on in this story, similar to the first book only this one didn't bother to tell every story. To start with, I was a little disappointed we missed the adventure to get the Hammer of Kharas, bet that was fun. The separation as Tarsis was great, followed by the journey to Silvanesti after being abducted by Alhana Starbreeze. Dragon Orb Nightmare Silvanesti was awesome. The we miss the felling of an evil elf who was guarding the second orb at the ice wall.

I must say elves are little bitches in this world, fighting amongst themselves, way to good for the rest of the world, and on top of that they clearly can't see two feet in front of their face. I mean hiding their heads when they have all lost their homes? Ignoring the peril of the world? Trying to lay claim to the Orb when they did nothing to acquire it and calling Laurana and Gilthanas traitors when they are the only elves willing to participate. Shameful elves. Shameful.

I was also annoyed with Tannis by the end of this book. Really Tanis, get it together. Oh, poor me, I have two beautiful awesome womens to chose from. . . one is clearly crazy and evil to boot. Better chose that one. -.-

It became clear the more we waited for the appearance of Kit that she was no longer on the side of the companions, but she is the worst. Laurana forever.

Overall though, this was a great continuation to the series. Laurana has quickly become the most awesome character in the story! Who knew? Taking charge, following Silvara to Humas tomb. Following Sturm to Somania and telling them whats up. Taking charge, using the orb and holding the line after the fall of Sturm. RIP first companion to fall. Unexpectedly awesome addition to the companions.

Tanis is the worst, Laurana is the best and Tas will rule when all is said and done. On to the next story.


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