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His to Take by Katee Robert
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Nov 22, 2015

really liked it
Recommended for: Katee Roberts Fans, Entangled/Brazen fans, Romance

3.5 Truth or Dare Stars
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Katee Roberts has been having a solid run of books with Entangled Brazen. In this entry, we are given a shortie which packs a punch of two people who have danced around being together for 6 years.

Erin Robinson had dreams in her eyes from the start. She never let the "pregnancy crazy" of her mom naming her the same name as her brother get her down...I mean come on, Mom... Aaron and then your daughter Erin???

But that was just one of the things Erin rose above...Being a Mini-Me to her big brother only spurred her on...or at least that was what she let them think, year after year as she was plugging away in New York trying to make it on Broadway.

We meet her during the Christmas season when once again she is home...except this time... it is not the usual overnight and then out of here...it is a I need to figure out my life because I lost my job and apartment stay...which could mean way longer than her usual. Her family has not said anything to their friends out of respect to Erin...she couldn't bear to see the oh, too bad looks...Because in small towns, nothing is kept quiet.

As Erin was waiting for a blind date no show her mom fixed her up with, Warren Davis watched. He had had a thing for Erin for years...and both of them couldn't seem to stop an annual hit it and quit it for the past 6 years. Warren was at a juncture; after doing a number of tours of duty and the last causing a bullet which could have ended his life...he has come to the realization he wants more....

More living...
More caring for someone...
More Erin....for good this time.

When Warren comes to Erin at the bar...he has a game plan in mind...She has no idea of what he really wants... Warren never wanted anything serious; he traveled, had a bit of wanderlust like his parents and he also loved this small town. Sure, being with him was the best Erin ever had... and yes, she thought about him during their times away....but there couldn't be anything...she was at her lowest right now... what would she have to offer this man....

What we get in this book is one of the hottest Truth or Dare plays over an evening with these two... what starts out innocent between two friends who have had benefits becomes much more. There were very sexy times... and also an established history to promote more than lust for them.

Katee Roberts has held her solid record with this novella. It was quick, human and sexy.

A gifted copy was provided by Entangled LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan! Incredible review love :D.
I have this authors book on standby, maybe I should give it a go :)

Wendy'sThoughts Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan! wrote: "Incredible review love :D.
I have this authors book on standby, maybe I should give it a go :)"

Thanks Sasha...the author and these books are like most brazen publishing: capable writing with guaranteed sexy times and an issue or two of emotion needing to be addressed. Depending on the length and author...they can hit the spot or sometimes go shy of it. When they are good...they are like a guilt pleasure. :D

♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥ Great review, Wendy xx

Wendy'sThoughts Jxxx ♥ Pink Lady ♥ wrote: "Great review, Wendy xx"

Thanks Jxxx <333

message 5: by Rag (new)

Rag Great review Hun!

Wendy'sThoughts Rag wrote: "Great review Hun!"

Oxoxxoox great seeing you Rag Thanks!

SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ Wonderful review my dear! = DD

Wendy'sThoughts SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ wrote: "Wonderful review my dear! = DD"

xoxoxo thanks SueBee!

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