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What a moving, emotional book! I have to say it is the most I have ever cried reading a book, yet at the end I had a wonderful, euphoric feeling. What a friendship between the main characters Seth and Kaden, very deep, platonic love almost godly. What a lifestyle, heavy bsdm is definitely not appealing. I could open my mind to read about it, but it was sort of a turn off- not romantic. There was plenty of intimacy though and the love in the relationship of Seth, Kaden, and Leah was so earth shattering it was beyond describable.

The Reluctant Dom did not capture me immediately. It was written from Seth's point of view, I know some people despise first person, it didn't bother me. I felt like I was reading a "B" movie script, the dialog was very corny at the beginning, Seth kept repeating "Kaden's Dying" which was annoying me, the torture/bsdm was uncomfortable. Once I got to about page 75 everything changed, I bought into it and the plot development was so much deeper than the kink.

Seth had been best friends with Kayden since he was a baby. Kayden has the perfect life in Seth's mind, he is a successful attorney, rich, accomplished and has a loving marriage to Leah who Seth adores. Seth on the other hand is unsettled, he had joined the army trying to find himself, has had three unsuccessful marriages to women from hell who had cleaned him out, he is currently living with his brother and going back to college. Leah's life before Kayden was hell, she was abused and unloved throughout her childhood and when Kayden and her met she was abusing herself. Kayden came into their bsdm lifestyle to protect Leah, she felt safe when Kayden mastered her and she was his perfect slave. Then Kayden tells Seth he is dying and he wants him to come live with them and take care of Leah after he is gone. Both Leah and Kayden reveal their lifestyle to Seth who is shocked and doesn't understand how he can inflict pain on Leah. Seth commits to both Leah and Kayden because of his unselfish love for them both, but he struggles everyday to understand how he will go on after Kayden is gone and live his lifestyle. I think that is the theme of this whole story "unselfish love" not bsdm. I felt Kayden was the true hero of this story, he gave so much to both Leah and Seth "unselfishly" he prepared them for the inevitable with his undying love.

I am tearing up just rethinking this book and trying to write this review, that is how touching it was.

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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim Good luck! I'm scared of this one....but then again I'm a whimp. LOL

Splage Funny- I sort of feel the same way... I'm actually folding laundry-least fav chore- instead of starting the book. It has the same scare effect as Butterfly Tattoo did for me and I loved that book, so hear is hoping. Bring on the angst!- and hopefully not too much kink.

Tracy Oh, I felt the same way when I started this one, but not to worry. The way the author writes makes an easy transition into uncomfortable subject matter. By the time the book is over you'll feel the emotion of the story regardless of how you feel about the sexual behavior. Grab a tissue!!

Splage A little over 100 pages in my Nook froze. Not happy with the POS right now, it has been so much trouble. The book wasn't wowing me, but I felt it making a turn. Hopefully the Nook thaws soon.

Katie Did you finish this yet? I'm really curious What'd ya think?

Splage I had to get my Nook redone. I received it back last week and haven't picked back up on the book yet. I will over the next couple of days. I have had a bunch of projects due and my reading is suffering. RD was finally getting better and then the nook went kaput. After the last few books that I had read like Redeeming Love and Butterfly Tattoo I might be comparing it pretty harshly because they were amazing and this is reading like a B movie to me. No final judgement yet still a lot of book to go.

message 7: by Jae (last edited Mar 20, 2011 06:26AM) (new)

Jae This book kinda reminds me of where the husband was dying and he asked a friend to impregnate his wife. A tear-jerker also.

Karla Great review. I could read this again right now!

Stevi Where did you find this one??? I can not find it on my nook :'( I REALLY REALLY want to read it.

Splage Read it awhile ago. I think I have it on Nook, if it is lendable you can borrow it.

Stevi awesome that would be great :) I have been calling around to try to find it and searching for it on my nook.... just send me a friend request and you can see if I have any books you may like as well :)

Karla @Stevi
You might want to check out AllRomance books, or Fictionwise. My guess is that AR will have it and you can download the epub version for your Nook. Good luck! Or go to the author's website and see where she links you to, to purchase the book!

Sorry to jump in here Splage!

Splage I always welcome you jumping in Karla, I am consider very illiterate in the techno world. Thanks for the help.

Karla Apparently the book is being re-released. This is from the Author's Website, hope it helps!

Monday, March 19, 2012
Where is "The Reluctant Dom" in e-book?
at 9:22 PM
I've been getting this question a lot over the past couple of days. Don't worry, "The Reluctant Dom" is being re-released by Siren-BookStrand in both e-book (June) and print formats (tba).

You can go to my author page at Siren-BookStrand and click on the link to be notified when my new releases are uploaded and never miss one!


Stevi thank you very much for the info :)
but splage loaned it to me on my nook :)

message 16: by My (new) - rated it 5 stars

My Lay Omg I cried n cried over this book it was very emotional

message 17: by Roula (new) - added it

Roula Tsouras Loved your review now to read the book

Splage Hope you enjoy it, Roula!

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